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Submitted: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 11:00:15 GMT

I half to tell you me and my husband is in our 60, and I guess you could call me a slut. Im in good shape and I look like im still in my late 40 that what people tell me all the time. I started haven sex at the age of 14 an it wasnt till I got married I got my first blow job, it was a mess chokeing cum all over my face, and at the time stay at my parent home my mom walk in didnt say a word and begin clean me up with her finger then feed me the cum and said I would get use to it. Well she was right but now I have a problem my husband can,t perform like he use to and he been with another women who has a son 24 year old and agree to have her son cum over , who had no problem putting his cock in my mouth. He stops over four times a week an every now an then he bring a couple of his friend with him .


Submitted: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:42:13 GMT

Blowing my Son was just becomming routine to both of us. Anywhere we could sneek away in the house away from his Father and older Sister, for the last 18 months or so, would do. I usually blow my boy on his request... one to four times a day, hence, "Routine." I never knew a boy his age could cum soooo much and so often, but it helps him out with his school and homework.

I went to wake Tommy and wispered, "Tommy, its time to get up." Tommy didn't respond until I told him we have the house to ourselves. I wispered, "Where would you like me to give you your first blowjob, sweetie?"

We usually quickly hit a closet, the garage, laundry room, basement, or a bathroom when someone else is home.

Tommy woke right up and asked me, "How about in the kitchen Mom?" "Exciting pick baby," I agreed and I told him get up and to go to the kitchen to get ready for me.

Blowjobs for my little beggar - best alarm clock ever!!!

I found him sitting on the kitchen island counter with his throbbing morning mommy hard on. He looked soooo cute waiting there for me with his milk and cherry poptarts.

He set his glass of milk down as I dropped my halter top, smiled, leaned over, and went right to work on him. My Son grew just as hard as he could get. His sweet precum began to flow for us. "Oh, Mom...yes, Mommy," he said, in between his bites of poptarts.

Up and down, up and down I worked his throbbing rock hard cock. His precum was soooo sweet. I get all I can before he cums and put it in my morning coffee for the perfect sweetener.

"Oh, Mom,... pant, pant, pant... Mom... Mommy-oh, Mommy..."

I could feel him begin to throb harder and faster. I asked him, "Are you close, baby?"... He opened his eyes to look at me as if I was serious... he ate the last bite of poptart. "Are you enjoying your poptarts, honey?" As he watched my lips ripple up and down his glistening shaft. Oh, how I love to tease my naughty little beggar!!!

I got as much of his precum as I could for my coffee, so went back to work for him to finish him off.

"Oh, Mom... I'm gonna... c, cum, I'm cum... cuuuumming, Mom!"

He began to drool and clinch his hands on the edge of the counter. He hunched over and put his head back to get ready to unload for me. His face began to turn flush as he held his breath for his hardest most explosive cum yet.

Schvitt, schvitt, schvitt, schvitt,... schvitt, schvitt,... schvitt, schvitt, schvitt,...
and then a few more cums...

schvitt... and just like that, I finished taking him in for my morning protien shot.

After I swallowed my Son, I heard the front door open, "I'm going school now, Mom." My Daughter closed the door behind her as she left.


Submitted: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 22:42:49 GMT

This first started when she was about eight years old. She and my daughter are the same age and she would come and visit us and stay in the guest bedroom.

My niece has always dressed provocative even for a child. the tiniest booty shorts and tube tops or t-shirts. Her light brown skin on her flat stomach almost always visible.

She is very touchy feely and this is how I began to notice her. She would give tight hugs and with me being taller she would reach my waist and her face many times rested on my crotch. As time went by I would make sure to wear loose shorts so that she and I could feel my penis on her face. I swear sometimes that she knew what she was doing.

I would bathe her and make sure she washed up real good and the view of one of the most beautiful pussies presented itself. It was like looking a tulips, her puffy pussy lips needed to be licked.

After putting the girls to sleep my wife and I would have sex and all I could think about was her pretty pussy. I would come and we would fall asleep. Or at least she would.

I would sneak out of the room every night she spent with us. At first i would arrive to the edge of the bed and just watching her breathing was a turn on. I would pull out my cock and play with myself over her. The first time I came all over her as I could not hold back the excitement of the forbidden.

The next night I crept into her room and this time I became much bolder. I would shake her to wake her but this child could sleep.

Her body completely limp and once again with my cock pulled out I reached for her hand and placed it onto my dick. Her hand fell off and I would do this repeatedly. I finally got her to grab my dick and I moved her tiny hand back and forth. I exploded all over her hand and the bed spread. I cleaned up and went back to my room.

The third night was out of this world. I quietly went into the bedroom and approached her. I tried to wake her again but she was out. I removed the blanket from on top of her and then proceeded to remove her cotton panties. She did not budge as I aggressively moved her around. With her panties at her ankles and sleeping on her stomach I began to massage her tight little ass cheeks. The nightlight gave just enough light so that I could take in the beautiful vision before me.

As I massaged and caressed her ass cheeks I began to part her ass cheeks. I removed my pajama bottoms and underwear and took a bolder step and climbed into the bed with her. I spread her legs apart and she still would not budge.

What happened next has only happened with her and to this date is still the source of many of my jack off sessions.

I positioned myself between her legs and lifted her towards me so that my cock rested on her ass cheeks. I began to rock back and forth between her tight cheeks and
in just a few strokes I burst my cum all over her ass cheeks and onto her pussy lips. The flow was incredible unlike any other time. I re-positioned her and without any hesitation I buried my face into her and licked her clean of all my semen. I spread her ass cheeks and licked her hole clean as well as took a few licks and slurps on her puffy lips that protected her love hole. It was during this time that I felt a reaction from her. She clinched her ass tight around my tongue but never awoke.

I quickly dressed and went back to my room where I had to have my wife. She had no idea of the source of my intensity.

The next morning I checked up on her mostly to make sure I did not leave a big mess but all was well.

This has happened several times over the years and on some occasions I am almost certain she has been awake. Not confirmed but just a suspicion.

I have never penetrated her nor plan on doing that but the fun you can have with a sleeping niece is the greatest.


Submitted: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 16:36:31 GMT

I have been reading teen sex stories, teen impregnation stories, brother, sister and uncle stories for years online. After so much reading i just finally had to give in and try it myself.

I spent a couple of weeks hanging around the local shopping mall. I hung around the girls clothes shops and the sports shops. I took a bit to really get up some courage, but after i did, i asked a few girls as they were coming out of the shops if they wanted to make some extra cash. They all said yes, but once i said that i wanted to have fun with them they all ran off. I almost gave up after a couple of trying because i didn't want to keep coming back to similar areas and i had no luck.

Finally i saw a girl who clearly looked around and bought nothing. I stopped her and asked her if she wanted cash. She almost jumped out of her skin with a YES. I told her i would like to have some fun, but i would pay her for it. After some sweet talking i got her to agree. I told her to meet me at the local gym the next day. I guess i never really thought she'd show, but she did. I have been a member of the gym for over 10 years and i decided the best place i could have her was in the stem room. I was clouded, quiet and i know that in the early afternoons, no one ever comes in as they are all at work or school.

Anyway i agreed to pay and was even more shocked when i asked her what she felt was fair. She agreed to $60. I was blown away she had no idea how much she could have asked me for. So we changed and i met her in the steam room. We chatted and i got her details. She is just turned 14, her name is Sophie, her family doesn't really have much money. I asked her if she had sex before and she told me she broke her hymen last year playing with herself, but she hadn't had sex with a boy, as she put it. I asked her if she had periods yet. She said yes. I had to confirm, so i asked if she was on the pill or does she need me to wear a condom. She wanted me to wear a condom, but i quickly asked her about her periods. I found out she had hers about 8 days before, but i convinced her she had it backwards and that she was safe after a week till her next cycle. I have no idea why, but she bought it and agreed to let me do it with no protection.
She was nervous and so was i, but after a bit i had her kneeling on the sitting steps, her pink bikini bottoms pulled down to her knees. I held her smooth teen hips and slowly pushed my cock into her.
I will say, that i have never felt anything like it. I have been with some woman, not a huge amount, but they don't feel anything like a teens tight little pussy. To have my 36 year old penis now pushing deep into a 14 year old was amazing.
I knew i wouldn't last long, and being pretty nervous in the steam room i didn't. Maybe 6 or 7 minutes. I held her tight as i thrust into her until i was balls deep. I held myself and pumped as many loads as i could into her pussy. She pulled her bikini pants back up and we sat and talked again. I fucked her a second time after about 25 minutes rest.
I asked her if she would like more cash and she agreed. I paid her $120 and we both left. I have been meeting her there every second day for the last 4 weeks, fucking and blowing at least 2 loads in her young teen pussy each time. She just showed up today and said she has missed her period. I talked her into believing that after starting sex she might have 2 or even 3 months without her period before on the 4th month they could return to her. I also said that she might get some sickness, just like morning sickness, but not as many girls having sex younger get it. She again bought the whole story, making sure that by the time she works out i have knocked her up, she will be past the our legal termination laws.
I am going to keep fucking her as long as she will let me or until i can't hide it the fact she's pregnant from her anymore. Then i'm going to just stop showing up at the gym, cancelling my membership. She doesn't know my real name so she has nothing to track me with.

Best part is i was so excited by knowing i have already gotten her pregnant i fucked her 5 times today, 4 in the steam room and i got bold and fucked her in the spa. I had her sitting on my lap, gently bouncing on my cock.

I have decided to head to schools over the next few weeks and see if i can find myself another 13 or 14 year old girl to fuck and impregnate. I would love to fuck a girl in a school skirt, and if possible on the school grounds. I like he idea of the risk, but the plan of knocking her up without all her friends knowing it.


Submitted: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 14:53:37 GMT

The minute I laid eyes on my girlfriend's drop dead gorgeous half sister, I began to ask myself some very important questions. Does she shave her pussy hair ? Does she take it up the ass? Does she suck cock and if so, does she swallow? Has she ever tasted another girl's pussy?
A little more then 9 months later I can honestly answer all of those questions with a huge 'YES'. Well, the last one, I guess, I have to go on her word but the others were proven to me more then once.
I just wish she would present more evidence on that last one so I can put my mind at ease, lol.


Submitted: Sat, 23 Aug 2014 23:27:58 GMT

After a two years of letting him have sex with me, I can understand why he wants to have sex with me. I'm sure its because I look like Sarah Palin's long lost twin soccer Mom sister; just without the, "Sex bump," hair style. I can understand why he only likes to quickly take me from behind without much foreplay, such as in my closet, in my bathroom, in the basement, in the laundry room, in my mini van, etc... What I can't understand is the music he listens to when he is taking me. He will only cum in me if he is listening to dirty, hard, and fast trance or club music with strong rythm and beat. He will take me several times a day so long as he has his buds are in his ears and the music turned up loud. So loud, its like he tries to pretend he is getting ready to unload in someone other than his own Mom.


Submitted: Fri, 22 Aug 2014 11:35:41 GMT

I went to my old hometown for my sister's wedding with my new husband. He didn't know much about my past except the few things I have shared with him. That all changed when my digital camera ended up being passed around in the men's bathroom and seven guys took pictures of their dicks. My husband was appalled and wanted to fight anyone and everyone there. When I told him how many lovers I had before him, he asked if I ever did it with more then one at the same time, I reluctantly confessed that I had had my share of gangbangs doing as many as nine at one time. His jaw dropped even more when I admitted to fucking just about every young male who attended the wedding including some of the bride groom's relatives.
So much for being honest as he filed for a divorce as soon as we returned home.