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Submitted: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:00:42 GMT

My friends mom is the definition of a milf. Tall, thin, long legs, big fake tits, and a pear of the best dick sucking lips in the world after a few botox treatments.
She is also a pill popping cock sucking whore who will do anything and anyone to get what she wants.
For 2 oxys she will suck your cock and swallow. For 8 she will take it up the ass and then lick her own shit off of your dick before sucking you dry. For a bottle of 40 she will spend the night and even let her own son cum down her throat along with 5 or 6 other guys.


Submitted: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 0:22:39 GMT

I've fucked with my male cousins, uncle, brother, and 25 other guys over the span of eight years. I'm 18


Submitted: Sat, 19 Jul 2014 21:43:29 GMT

My girlfriend, Linda, and I went to a party a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know any of the people, but she said she partied with them before. The party started innocent enough. Then the booze started flowing. About two hours into the party a nice looking young woman came up to us and asked us if we liked to party with three. I said no, but my girlfriend said she had always wanted to try it with another woman. We were pretty drunk, so my inhibitions were rather low. We stood up and the other woman led us upstairs to a bedroom. We walked into the bedroom, and she said to my girlfriend, "So, just like we planned?" "Yep," Linda replied. I was a little surprised, and when I looked at her, she said, "Don't worry, honey, this is what you've been looking for." She pushed me on the bed and crawled on top of me. We started making out, and I felt the other girl, Janis, unzip my pants. Before I knew it she was sucking my cock. This was better than sex with one, that's for sure. Linda stripped and straddled my chest. She then scooted forward so her cunt was right at my mouth. I started to tongue fuck her. I was getting into it when Janis started to play with my ass. I raised up a little to give her more access. I really like my asshole played with when I'm getting my cock sucked. "You like this, honey?" Linda asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I replied. "Good. Then you'll like this even more." I felt Janis raise her mouth up off of my cock and kneel between my legs. Before I knew it I felt a cock being pushed into my ass. I had never been fucked, so it was painful at first. The pain subsided and as she/he started to fuck me it was getting to feel pretty good. "Oh, fuck," I said. "Surprise, honey," Linda said. "Janis is really Jimmy," a T friend of mine. He just loves it when I bring my boyfriends around for him to fuck. Jimmy was getting into it, and I must admit I was too. A cock up my ass and a pussy at my mouth. What a fucking rush. Just then the bedroom door opened and another man walked in. He stepped in the room and started to strip. "Another surprise for you," Linda said. "This is Larry. He loves getting his cock sucked by another man. Larry finished stripping and walked over to the bed and knelt on the bed by my head. I didn't even hesitate, but turned my head toward him and he put his cock up to my lips. Linda rolled off of me and started to play with herself. "This is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen," she said. "My cunt is dripping just thinking about you and these two men. Oh, fuck," she said as she started to make herself cum. I was sucking a cock for the first time and being fucked for the first time. All the while watching my girlfriend masturbate to orgasm after orgasm. "Oh, fuck, fuck," I moaned as I started to cum. "Oh, yeah. That's it, honey, let it fly." Jimmy was stroking my cock to orgasm, and as soon as I was spent I felt him tense up and announce he was cumming, too. He flooded my ass with his cum, then he pulled out, bent down, and started to lick the cum out of my ass. That felt almost as good as him fucking me. "I'm getting ready," Larry said. He grabbed my head and started to cum. I struggled, but was able to take most of it. He pulled out as the last drips of cum landed on the bed next to my head. He got off the bed, grabbed his clothes and left. Jimmy also got off the bed and left. Linda rolled back on top of me and started to lick the cum off of my face, then started to kiss me. My dick was already hard again, and when she sat on it, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. "Oh, fuck, baby, that was the greatest thing I ever felt." "That's great, honey," she said. "Just wait till next week. There's more surprises for you." I went to sleep smiling, not able to hardly wait for next week.


Submitted: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 13:03:52 GMT

"Exhibitionism". When I look that word up online it involves men 90% of the time. I'm 17 now but The first time I let a boy see me naked I was 12. I quess I did it because I developed fast and was proud of my body. His name is Bret and he is the son of my moms best friend. They came to our condo a lot to use the swimming pool. He is a little older than me and my mom was outside and I didn't know he was here. I was in my bra and panties getting ready to put on my bathing suit. My bedroom door was open a little bit and I kinda seen his reflection in my dresser mirror but when I turned around he ducked back out of site. He is a dorky guy and I just stood there a second looking in the mirror and again he peeked in. I don't know why but I wasn't the least bit embarrassed that he was watching me. I took off my bra and panties and just stood there naked for awhile. Then I put my bathing suit on looked at myself in the mirror and took it off again then put on a different bathing suit. When I did this it excited me and I guess I was aroused by it. When I walked out of my bedroom Bret was gone and when I went into the living room he was watching tv. I just said hi and that I didn't know he was here. That was just the start of it and over the next few years Bret would walk back near my room every time his mom and him came. Most of the time I knew they were coming and I actully made sure I was naked knowing Bret would come down the hallway to my room. It took awhile but I even masturbated on my bed sometimes when I knew he was right outside my door watching me. My mom and I lived in that condo until I was almost 16 and over those years there were a few other boys and even 2 men who saw me naked. I would open windows when my mom was out and parade around the condo naked. Hoping and looking for one of them to walk by. Where we live now is a bungalow closer to the beach, that my mom bought with the money she got from my dad after their devorce. Its small but real nice and my bedroom is big with my own bathroom. Its in the back left corner of the house and even though I started leaving my windows open enough for somebody to see inside there was never anyone there. Bret and his mom still came a lot and he still sees me naked a lot of times but I wanted other guys to also. Last October is when when I got the idea to tell a boy to look in my bathroom and bedroom, but couldn't figure out how I could do that without acting like a pervert. One day I was on the beach and there were two boys near me and the one boy I didn't know but I knew he lived nearby. Thats when I thought about writing a note. They just got there so I went back to my house and wrote a not something like this. I just thought up names and wrote "James: theres a girl who leaves her windows open and I can see her naked at night. She lives in the green bungolow on S------ Avenue in the back room, signing it David". I went back to the beach and when they went into the water I dropped the note on his blanket. There are 4 boys I know of that see me naked a couple times a week and there might be more because its always dark out when they show up. They not only see me naked but I even shower when they are out there. I don't masturbate everytime but do let them watch me at least once every week. They are all younger than me I think 13 to 15 but they come a lot and the nights they don't I just watch tv. My mom is out a few nights a week so if I have friends over I never leave my windows open. I'm afaird to let my boyfriend see me naked but we do make out and has seen my breasts a couple times but I never take everything off. We don't go all the way but I do jerk him off sometimes and let him finger me. I do masturbate a lot and Bret still sees me naked a few times a month and he is still a dork. I just like boys seeing me naked so it must be that I am an exibitionist. I can't explain how much fun it is for me and it gets me turned on when they see me nude.


Submitted: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 3:46:02 GMT

I'm 1 8 and at night time when everyone's asleep I usually go down stairs and go through all the dirty washing because my mums collects the dirty washing at night then washes it in to morning so I sneak a pair up to my room and i start sniffing them and sucking them whilst wanking then I wear them and wank in them so I jizz all inside them then clean as much of it up as possible then put them back because there going to get washed anyway can't decide whether I like it or not but I always do it coz I get so horny then after I've wanked I think to my self wtf have I just done... When I'm home alone i go in her room and wear her clothes.. Such as thongs, bra, tights, high heels, then a skirt and then a hot outfit coz she has a lot of sexy outfits then i put her lipstick on and makeup, eyeliner etc.. Have a wank whilst dressed as a woman and I also get her dildo and start sucking that coz I sometimes get the thrive to suck a cock.. I also taste her pussy on the solid aswell then I put it all back then have a shower... When I've also been home alone I've put her dildo in my ass whilst wanking to gay porn,. I've also used things like carrots and bananas (a lot) to pleasure my ass.. I've sniffed my friends sister knickers when I was at his house smelt good! She 18-19... I wanked over pictures of my mum, I've wanked over my step mum a lot and I always wank over my 21 year old cousin who is SO FIT!! I also have a dog as whilst it was sleepy I was kissing and licking it's lips like its a pussy then jizzed.. I've also put dog food on my dick then let it lick it and I've also done the same with my cats feels nice because it's brissly.. When I was younger I used to lie down when my nan was cooking and look up her skirt she obviously knew but she never said anything... I've sniffed my step moms panties who is fit as fuck but not dirty jut clean not had to chance to yet same with my step sister but I've also sniffed her dirty was, but that's was years ago coz I was like 11 and I can't remember the smell.. I've wanked over my aunt a few times and I've wanked over a guy across the road coz i would love to just get fucked by loads of men or atleast suck a guys cock... I watch a lot if gay porn... I've used butter and yoghurts and other random crap from the kitchen to wank with.. I've also used this CILINDER thing and put that up my ass before.. I have once got this metal spatular and it has a nice metal rod on the end I took it in the shower with me and put in my ass whilst i watch gay porn .. I've put ear buds and the end of a hair brush up my ass aswell... I like also get a sandwich bag and put some kitchen oil in it so it's nice and slimy then put it on my dick then I put it between the sofa in the crack to it feels in having sex then I obviously cum inside the bag.. I also eat toilet roll coz I'm addicted to it, it tastes so good... Also when I was younger at night I used to pretend I was scared so I could sleep with my nan then go under the bed sheets with a little torch I got from a cereal box and state at the huge ass under the bed sheets.. When I get the chance I will always go hunting for horny shit in people's houses.. I was also on a job and there was 2 of us and he left and said he will be back in a hour to look at a job so I went around the garden on the house we were working at and I was looking for a hidden key to get into the house so I could find a dildo or some panties that I could have stolen but there was no key so I just had a wank in their back garden then cleaned it with a dust sheet.. I once found a vibrating cock ring in my moms draw so I started sucking it and wearing it felt nice... I'm actually a great deep throated coz I practice on my mums dildo her dildo is 8" inch and I get do the whole thing! When I get really horny I put celotape around my dick and make it so I can't have a wee then when i try to force wee out its feels great since the celotape is stopping it.. I also get string and tie it around my dick a lot and make it go purple.. I've drank my own wee before aswell and also got into a position when I was feeling horny and jizzed into my own mouth and swallowed it done that a few times... I've put my dick in yoghurts and fucked shampoo bottles whilst in the shower.. When I was younger I used to get a syringe and fill it with water and out it down my bellend yes DOWN my bellend! Felt great. You will be thinking this is all a troll but this is all true.. I'm annonomous so I just reveal all my secrets so you can all laugh but you don't know me so it's all good fun


Submitted: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 2:04:18 GMT

I work in an office complex of about 40 cubicles. The work is relatively boring and simple, but I get paid well. I have no complaints. My wife and I live simple lives, but lately the sex has been almost non-existent. So I was flattered when Doris complimented me in my taste of clothes. She's a little heavy, but pleasant enough looking. I didn't think anything of it until last Thursday she walked into my cubicle and whispered to me, "I saw you staring at my tits. I think it's time you were a real man and fucked me." She walked out. Later that day she walked past my cube and tossed a note in. It merely had an address and a time. My cock got hard just from the note. I started to think of those tits of hers, and whether or not she had a shaved cunt. I decided to go for it. I texted my wife and told her I had to work late and would be home by 10. The more I thought about it the harder my dick got. I pulled into her driveway precisely at 7 like the note said. She answered the door and invited me in. Surprisingly, husband was sitting on the couch watching T.V. "Is this him?" he asked. She nodded and led me into the bedroom. "Oh," she said, "Don't mind him. He lets me play whenever I want." I was a little nervous, but started to loosen up when she started to kiss me. We undressed each other and laid on the bed. My cock was rock hard as she sucked me. She laid on her back and told me to eat her pussy. I was on my belly with my head between her lags when I felt a second pair of hands on my ass. She trapped my arms under her legs so I couldn't move, and I couldn't see who was behind me. I assumed it was her husband, Jay. It wasn't at all unpleasant as he caressed, kissed, and finally began to lick my ass. She told me to get up on my knees. He helped me. My head was still buried in her cunt. He reached under and started to stroke my cock as he rubbed his other hand up and down my ass crack. "Ever been fucked while eating pussy?" she asked. I mumbled no. I heard her laugh a little. "You just keep eating my cunt while my man gets ready to fuck you. Oddly my cock was getting rock hard as he stroked me. I felt a wet finger slide into my asshole and past my sphincter. He gently finger fucked me while she held my arms. I couldn't fight, but I really didn't want to. He then put two fingers in, and finally worked three fingers in my ass and continued to fuck me with his fingers. I felt like I was gonna cum any minute when he pulled his fingers out of my ass and pushed his cock in. It was quite large and was painful at first. He was as gentle as he could be, and slowly the pain turned into pleasure. "You starting to like that, honey?" "Oh, fuck yeah," I said. She let go of my arms and let me pull them out from under her legs. She then turned around into a 69 position with me. I continued to eat her pussy and she started to suck my cock as he fucked me. This was the most awesome fucking experience I ever had. I started to cum and she took it all. She was a real pro, and just kept sucking even after I started to soften. She soon had me hard again. "Ever suck a cock?" "Um, no," I told her. "Well, if you like being fucked, you'll like sucking even more. Turn around." He pulled his cock out of my ass and wiped it off as I rolled over on my back and let him put his cock in my mouth. This was better than I had ever imagined. She was sucking my cock as I was sucking his. She put a couple of fingers up my ass and started to slowly rotate them, finger fucking me as I was getting ready to cum again. Before I knew it he started to cum. I had never tasted cum before, but it wasn't that bad. I was able to swallow it all, and when I started to cum, she took it all again. When we were done, he got up and left the room. She and I cuddled for a few more minutes and I told her I had to leave. They thanked me for a wonderful evening, and she told me that whenever I had to "work late," they would be more than willing to accommodate me. "So, how was work, honey?" my wife asked as I walked in at about 9:30. "Oh, nothing really special," I said. "But it looks like I'll be putting a lot more overtime next week."


Submitted: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 15:23:10 GMT

I had just turned 18 and was a Senior in High School. I went to all the dances and a few outside parties. At one party, shortly after my 18th birthday, my girlfriends and I had decided to get drunk. This older guy, about 30, was there and said he would supply the beer. He went inside and brought out beers for each of us. After about three I was starting to feel buzzed. My other two girlfriends got up to go to the bathroom. The guy, Alex, came over to me and said, "I'll give you $400 to let me fuck you." I was a virgin at the time, and told him no. "No sweat," he said. But after about four more beers he said it again, "I'll give you $400 to let me fuck you." My friends were there and heard him. They both had been fucked before, so they encouraged me to do it. They said I was going to do it eventually, so why not get paid for it. I was drunk enough to agree, and told him ok. He took me inside and led me to a spare bedroom. There was a single bed against the wall. He closed the door. "Take your clothes off," he said. I was nervous, but did it. He looked at my body and merely said, "Fuck, girl, you got some good looking titties." He leaned down and kissed me. I kissed him back. He pushed my shoulders and told me to make his dick hard. I reached down and took his dick in my hand. "No, girl. If I'm paying I want you to suck my cock." I wasn't too sure about this, but he continued to push my shoulders down until I was kneeling. "Open your mouth. I'm gonna make you my bitch tonight." I opened my mouth a little and he shoved his cock in. It seemed huge, and I could only get about half in my mouth. "Oh, fuck, you got the finest mouth I ever had suck me." I was both proud and embarrassed at the same time. I sucked him for a few minutes and he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it toward him, shoving his cock deeper in my mouth. He started to cum. I tried to pull away, but his fingers were wrapped around my hair and he wasn't letting go. I coughed and sputtered until he was done. He pulled his cock out and told me to lay on the bed. I still had his cum running down my chin. I laid on the bed and he knelt between my legs and pulled my legs apart. He draped them over his shoulders and buried his face in my pussy. This felt really good. Even better than when I finger fuck myself. He licked my pussy and nibbled my clit until I came twice, then raised up and knelt in front of me. I could see his cock was getting hard again. He pushed my legs up toward my chest, and with no warning shoved his cock as far as he could into my cunt. I had an explosion of pain, but as he started to slowly fuck me it turned into pleasure. "Oh, fuck, you're tight." I just laid back and let him fuck me. He lasted a long time, and I was starting to tire out, my head spinning still from the booze. "I heard myself saying, "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," as I started to cum again. Then a second time, and a third. Shortly after that he pulled his cock out of my cunt and started cumming on my belly. He smeared his cum all over my stomach and tits, When he touched my nipples I shivered. "Now that you been fucked, do you feel like a whore?" I hadn't really thought about it, but I told him yes, because that's what I thought he wanted me to say. "Good," he said, and straddled my chest and put his cock back up to my mouth. "Every good whore knows how to clean a cock," he said and shoved his cum-covered cock back in my mouth. I couldn't do anything but to let him fuck my mouth until I had sucked all the cum off his cock. When he was done we both got dressed. He pulled the money out of his wallet and handed it to me. "Wow," I thought, "400 bucks for that." There must be something to this sex for pay thing. I'll have to try it again.