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Submitted: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 19:39:59 GMT

I was 13 my sister was 9,when we started playing doctors,and at nite when everybody asleep she come to my room and get into my bed,we had sex,she wanted to play dress up so i said ok and she dress me in mom bra,panties,stockings a slip and a dress,she promised not to tell anybody,,so i would dress up when ever we were alone,when my younger sister turned 6 she had little titties i would look and get a hard on so one nite i went to her room took all her clothes off her and got on top and had sex with her as i was cumming in her our mom walked in and said get off her,i pulled out and she could she cum,she walked out,i went to my room and lay there when my mom walked in and sat down,she ask how long its been going on,i said about 9 months,she went out an came back. 10 minutes later with a bag she gave it to me and said if i want to wear womens clothes it was fine with her,,my sis and i would sneak around and have sex now 14 yrs later my wife said she likes guys crossdressing,she didnt know about my sister,she went up the shops so i put womens clothes on and had sex with sister,we herd my wife comming so i went to bathroom an put mens clothes over what i was wearing,..we ended up with a 11 yr old girl staying with us.i took her in truck and we had sex,we would fuck 4 times aday..now 16 yrs later i still crossdress and have sex with sister


Submitted: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 1:53:01 GMT

I'm a 56 year old married man. I've been sucking cock for about 30 years. I remember the first time. I was in the military on leave, and on the way back to my station I had a layover at the airport. I got a motel room for the night and decided to take a walk. I was about 2 miles from the motel when a guy stopped and offered me a ride. Coincidentally he owned the bar below the motel. On the way back he asked if I ever had a guy suck my cock. I told him no, and he said he really liked sucking Marine cocks, and if I wanted to, come by the bar a little later. About 8 o'clock I wandered down to the bar and he was the bartender that night. He gave me a drink and asked if I was ready to get my cock sucked. I told him no. He just smiled and told me that he was gonna swallow my cum before the night was done. He kept giving me drinks, and after about 6 more he just stood in front of me and rubbed his crotch. I couldn't help but stare at his hand rubbing up and down. I was getting pretty horny just thinking about it. "I really want your cock," he said. "You ready?" I just shook my head yes. He told me to go up to my room and get undressed and wait for him. I did, and a few minutes later he came in and closed the door. I was laying on the bed naked, and without saying a word he knelt at the foot of the bed and pulled me down so my ass was off the edge. He bent down and started to suck me. He worked the head, up and down the shaft and down under to my nuts. I was so fucking hard by now that I thought I was gonna burst. He wet a finger and pushed it into my asshole. This was new for me, but I really liked it. After another two minutes I started cumming. He took it all and sucked me clean. He got up to leave and I told him I wanted to suck his cock too. He got undressed and laid on the bed with his ass off the end. I did what he did, and was able to take his whole cock into my mouth. I was starting to get turned on again. He started to rub my cock with his foot and asked if my cock was getting hard sucking his. I just nodded. He said he was ready to cum, but instead of pulling away I just kept my mouth over the head of his cock until he started cumming. I swallowed it all and cleaned his cock off the best I could. My own cock was hard again, but he got up, got dressed and left. I had to jack off two more times before I was ready for sleep. That started my quest for cock, and I've been looking for cock ever since.


Submitted: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 1:51:49 GMT

Taken family picture my husband told me what he just did, while all gather for a picture he had his hand over the shoulder of my sister and did,nt think his hands were on her breast. When he did he started two remove it he told me my sister took hold of his hand and put it back on her breast, and held it there with both hand, he told me he squeze her breast and she turn and smile.He told me he lean into her and told her he was goin two eat her before the day was over.I wish I was there to see him do it she was in for a big surprise.


Submitted: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 6:28:55 GMT

I love fucking my wife. We've been married for over 30 years and as much as I love her, she has grown accustomed to not having sex. I discovered 25 years ago that I liked sucking cock as well as pussy. A couple weeks ago I was on-line and was invited by a guy to come over and trade blowjobs. I said okay. When I got there he had a surprise for me. There was another guy there also. As soon as we walked into the bedroom, the guy on the bed told me to take my clothes off, that he wanted to see and taste my cock. He was on the bed naked, and as soon as my pants were off he took my cock into his mouth. He told me to lay back, and as I did the first guy pulled me so my head was off the side of the bed. He just held his cock up to my mouth and I opened it to let him in. He had a really thick cock, and as I sucked him the other one was sucking me. He lifted my legs toward my chest and I could feel him rub his hand up and down my ass crack. I was pretty immobile at this point, and when he pushed his finger up my asshole I was helpless to stop him. Maybe it was because I didn't want to. The guy I was sucking was getting really hard, and he started to fuck my mouth. We were all getting into it, and I felt the guy sucking me pull his finger out of my ass and lean up to suck on my right nipple. He said that I had a gorgeous cock, but what he really wanted was to fuck me. Without another word I felt his cock at my asshole. He pushed in slowly, and finally pushed past my sphincter. It hurt a bit at first, then was mostly pleasurable. He was stroking my cock while he was fucking me, and after about five minutes of this he said he was about to cum. The guy I was sucking also said he has going to cum, and as soon as he said that they both started cumming at the same time. Holy fuck, I thought, is this what a woman feels like to be fucked by two guys at once. I was jealous. Without pulling his cock out of my ass he grabbed my cock and after about four strokes I started cumming. We all cleaned up, thanked each other and got dressed. I had to get home, so I headed for the door. Haven't seen either of them since, but I'll not forget that night...


Submitted: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 14:34:30 GMT

I am a 48 year old guy who loves to jackoff my cock as much as i possibly can. Ever since i was six and i began jacking off i have been addicted to it and just cant seem to get enough of making me cum. I even have done it with my sister and we fuck too and have been since we were really young. What i really love to do is get really spun on dope and jackoff for days at a time. I even fuck my asshole with huge vibrators and i will wear sexy womens lingerie while doing this. I am not gay at all but love what the dope makes me do over and over.


Submitted: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 8:34:00 GMT

here I am with a 13 year old girl dirty sweet smelling cunt honey panties on my face sniffing her underage cunt scent while having the most massive hard on and jerking off. I spoofed so big thinking about spoofing on her ripe young titties or while she is kneeling naked with her stunning green eyes looking up at me while her young soft wet warm sweet mouth takes my 52 old cock and I spoof so hard in her mouth she has to swallow a dozen times to choke it down. But she takes it like a women except she is 13. Every mans wank fantasy. I will never do anything real to her, but she is in my home and I have borrowed apair of her leggings and they smell so sweet of her young underage pussy. I will wait till bed time and put them on my face and sniff like mad. Her titties are so ripe and firm, they bounce gently as she moves. Her face is so cute it is spoof worthy in it self. When I wank with her leggings on my face later she will be in the bedroom just a few inches away and I will be thinking of her cute face perfect underage titties and soft shapely young arse. Massive spoof time soon. Cant wait.


Submitted: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 2:30:41 GMT

I'm a middle-aged divorcee who has the amazing good fortune of hooking up with a beautiful 38 year old woman (Ellen) with a 14 year old daughter (Ashley).
Ellen and I hit it off instantly and have been inseparable for many months. We recently became engaged.

One night after a steamy sex session, I joked about how Ashley would react if she knew her mom was so horny and experimental in bed with me. She admitted that she has always been very open with her daughter and has told Ashley that me and her have an incredible sex life.

What surprised me was that Ellen told me that Ashley asked her if she could watch us having sex/making love. She is a curious 14 year old and wants to know what "the big deal" is about sex. Ellen and I discussed the topic for weeks and it was finally decided that we would invite Ashley into our bedroom to watch us have sex.

For about 3 months now, Ashley has sometimes watched me and her mother have sex, make love, fuck like banshees and do all manner of sexual things to and with each other. After one especially active session, we saw Ashley fingering herself wildly as she watched. Her mother motioned for her to come sit on the bed with us. She was shy but came and sat down with us. Ellen asked Ashley if she'd like to know what it felt like to have a man lick her pussy. Ashley nodded and Ellen asked me to eat her daughter's pussy. I dove in eagerly and made Ashley cum multiple times with my tongue. Ellen then told Ashley that she must return the favor. Ellen demonstrated how to suck my cock and then told Ashley to 'thank me' by sucking my now rockhard cock. Ashley clumsily swallowed my pole and with instructions from her mom, 'stroke it up and down while you suck it' or 'now suck on just the head really HARD and stroke it really hard and fast', I drained what seemed like a gallon of cum into Ashley's virgin mouth. My cum gushed from her lips, got all over her face and clothes and the sheets.

We have had several nights like this where Ashley sucks my cock and I eat her pussy and ass, but I have yet to fuck her. That is my goal. I WILL fuck Ashley's tight virgin cunt and ass before my wedding day. Count on it!