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Submitted: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:29:50 GMT

My wife's mom recently moved back into town just after getting liposuction and a tit job. She'll walk around in a deep v neck tshirt with no bra just getting me all hot and bothered. One day I couldn't take it any more and went to her bathroom to jerk off in hopes of her catching me. I came hard and more than my usual all over her toothbrush. An hour later she came down stairs brushing her teeth, my cock got so hard knowing my cum was in her mouth


Submitted: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 9:02:36 GMT

I still get a hard on thinking of my dad feeding me his cock. I love his cock, I love his cum


Submitted: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 5:26:25 GMT

One day me my dog and mom were on a road trip. We have been driving for a while. So i hop in the back seat and start sucking my big boys cock. For a dog he got a big one. My mom turns around just as he cums. She wips the car over. I sit up face coverd in cum and boner. And all she said was come with me if you want a mans cock. So she took me into this bathroom stall and sat me down and said shell be back in a couple hours. When she left she put a lock on the door. After a few minutes a giant black cock came threw one of the many holes inthe stall. I wrap my lips around the juicy head. After i swallowed hiim all the holes were filled and the just kept cumming. And when my mom came i was drenched in cum. She said she was proud of me and then she started sucking my cock and feed my cum to me with her tounge.


Submitted: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 20:14:11 GMT

When i was 13 my mom made me put on my sisters tinker bell costume. When i looked in the mirror and liked it and got a boner. My mom said good you like being a girl. I said yea. We got in the car and drove to some house. She put a blind on me and said theres a surprise inside. I was excited she told me to get on my knees.i started hearing foot steps. After about five minutes she said to take it of when i lifted my hand it hit somthing soft but hard. When i could see i was shocked there was about 10 big black cocks in my face. I sucked every last on dry. In the car i was still eating the cum of my face. My mom said since your still hungery lets give daddy a surprise.


Submitted: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:35:26 GMT

When i was 13 years old(boy) i fell in love with my 2 gay horses. One day i hear alot of noise coming from the barn. When i got there they were haveing sex. When i saw the giant cocks i had to try it. I locked the doors and got in the pen they didnt care. The sound of his balls slapping got really horny. He started humping faster and faster and as he pulled out cum started driping every were. It was huge it was evan bigger than all the guys on the 12 grade football team.(i liked to help relive stress after a big games)i couldnt wait any more i droped to the ground a licked the still driping monster cock. I sucked the leftovers out but wanted more i went over to the other one and lick and suck the cum out of his ass. It was the best tasting cum ever. After that day i never sucked a mans cock.


Submitted: Wed, 13 Aug 2014 7:41:30 GMT

Well i have been havin sex with my three brothers ever since we found out what sex was. One eay we askd our mom what it meant to be gay. She took us to her room and gave us theses books and said to read so we took them to our room. When we opened it there was naked men every where. After reading it we go naked and sat in the bathtub and played with ourselves to the naked men. After about ten minites cum started to fly we were coverd in each others cum. We sat there for a second and then we started to do the stuff in the book and loved it. When our mom found out she told us she was proud of us for loving each other and never to have sex with girls. So i made my brother dress like a girl so i would know the feeling.


Submitted: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 9:35:06 GMT

I have been having sex with my sister for four years, we no longer feel guilty, we think out parents know, we don't know of any body who is in an incestuous relationship, we feel as if we are the only ones, we confessed to one of our friends they were horrified, a message from someone in a similar relationship would help feel better about ourselves, we are not after intermit details Fran & Les