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Submitted: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:10:28 GMT

Dennis and I joined the Marine Corps together. We went through high school, then boot camp as best friends. Then we got stationed in Georgia together for our tech school. I always had girlfriends in school but Dennis wasn't that interested in dating. I never knew why, and really never gave it a second thought. Plenty of guys don't date in school. I found out one night when we took a friend to the airport. On the way back we stopped at a rest stop to piss. We were both standing at the urinals when Dennis stepped back and said, "Look at this cock. Ain't she a beauty?" I had seen him in the shower at school, but never noticed how big his cock really was. It was enormous compared to mine. He was stroking it as he pissed. As we walked back to the car he said, "Let's go over there. I want to show you something." "Okay," I said, hesitantly. We walked over a little rise and behind some trees. "Okay, what?" I said. "I want you to suck my dick," He said. "You're fucking crazy," I said and started to walk away. He grabbed me, turned me around and punched me in the eye. I couldn't believe he actually did that. He was a bit bigger and stronger than me. "What the fuck?" I said. "I said, I want you to suck my dick!" He said forcefully. "I don't think so." He slapped me across the cheek. "We ain't leaving here until you taste my cum. Now, get on your knees." "No." He slapped me again and grabbed my throat. "I'm gonna keep beating on you until you get on your knees, and you know I can do it." Fuck. What could I do. There was nobody around to help me, and I knew he would beat the shit out of me until I did what he wanted. I just stood there, and he slapped me again, this time hard enough to make my eyes water. "That's a good little bitch, cry for me. Now suck my dick." I knelt down, a few tears coming down my cheek. "Take my cock out," he ordered. I unzipped him and pulled his cock out of his boxers. It seemed even bigger this close. "Now suck it." I put his semi-hard cock in my mouth and started to bob up and down on it. I felt it grow in my mouth. "Oh, yeah. I knew you were a little faggot a long time ago. Now doesn't that taste good?" I didn't say anything. He got harder and harder until his cock was like a steel pole, about seven inches long and thick. For some reason my own cock was getting hard. This was the first cock I sucked, and realized I liked it. Before I knew it I was blowing him like a pro. I sucked him for about 15 minutes and without warning he started to cum. I couldn't swallow it all, he had so much. He held my head in place until I had cleaned his dick off completely. He told me to stand up. He zipped back up and looked at me. "Now, tell me you didn't like doing that." "Actually, I did," I said. "I knew you would. Did your dick get hard sucking me?" "Um, yeah." He laughed and headed back to his car. "Here's how it's gonna work," he said. "You're my little mouth cunt now. Anytime I need a blowjob, you're gonna do it, and if I decide to fuck you, you're gonna give me your ass anytime I want. If not, I'll make sure the commander knows you like cock and you'll be out quicker than that blowjob. Got it?" I could only agree. "Good, now suck my dick." He reclined his seat and I fished his cock out again. I gave him the best blowjob I could, and from that day to this I'll suck any cock I can. I guess I am a little pussy faggot, after all.


Submitted: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 5:52:26 GMT

I met this girl Joni in Atlanta.She was 23, I was 30. She could really suck a dick and loved to swallow sperm.


Submitted: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 2:48:46 GMT

So me and my boyfriend were at this party a few weaks ago. There were about 20 people there and we were drinking quite a bit. Jimmy was drinking more than me, so he was pretty out of it by midnight. I was tipsy, but still knew what I was doing. We were sitting on the couch when this gorgeous woman came over and introduced herself as Alyce. We chatted for a few minutes as she sat next to me, and she said there was a couples party going on upstairs, and would we like to join them. I told her that Jimmy was too out of it to even move, let alone fuck anyone. She smiled and said, "That's okay, honey. If you don't want to go up we can have our own little party right here." She put her hand on my thigh and looked into my eyes. I didn't know what to say. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I guess she took it as okay and leaned forward to kiss me. For some reason I kissed her back and our tongues started exploring each other. She moved her hand to my pussy, "Does it make you hot to kiss another woman?" "Strangely, yes," I said. The music was loud and the lights were low, so nobody was aware of us. She straddled my legs and continued to kiss me. She moved down to my neck and gently sucked on it. I didn't even realize it but she had the buttons on my blouse undone and had put her hand under my bra to my left tit. She rolled my nipple in her fingers, and that combined with her lips on my neck did indeed make me wet. I moaned a little. "Ever had your cunt licked by a woman?" she asked. "No," I said. "You up for an adventure?" I shook my head yes. She had me take off my pants and panties and lay down on the couch with my head in Jimmy's lap. I was a little nervous, but I did it. She put my right leg over her shoulder as she knelt on the floor and buried her face in my cunt. I was trimmed nicely down there and had douched earlier, so I knew I felt and smelled nice. She kept commenting on how lovely my pussy was. She sucked on my clit and stuck her finger in my cunt. I was getting wetter with each passing minute. Soon it was two fingers, then three. She began to finger fuck me with a passion as she sucked on my clit. She made me cum at least three times. I was lost in my own little world and didn't even notice Jimmy's cock starting to stir. Not until he put a hand on one of my tits and start to play with my nipples. He bent down, "This is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen." "Oh, fuck," I said, and started to get up. "No. Don't," he said gently. "This is the scene I've hoped for. I'm totally okay with it, and whenever you want to have a woman is alright with me. At least if it's this hot." I came two more times before Alyce finally got up and simply walked away. I hope we go to another party soon.


Submitted: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 0:43:54 GMT

I came out when I was 23. I have been a relationship with another man for several years now, but I realized I loved cock when I was 19. It was after church one Sunday. I asked this older guy (in his 40's) for a ride home. I lived about 8 miles in the country, so it took about 15 minutes to get there. I knew my parents were out of town, not that it mattered anymore. He drove me home and pulled up in front of the house. We had chatted on the way home, and every now and then I glanced down at his crotch and noticed the outline of his cock through his slacks. "Can I tell you something in confidence?" I asked him. "Sure," he said. "Um, I think I might be gay." "Why do you think that?" He asked. I whispered to him, "I think I really want to suck your cock." "I'm a married man," he said. "I know, but I get hard just thinking about it." I reached over and put my hand on his thigh and rubbed up and down a little. He didn't say anything. I don't know if I shocked him or if he really wanted it. "Can I touch you?" He gulped and just nodded his head. I put my hand a little farther up until I touched his cock. He moaned a little. "Ohh, fuck," He mumbled. I took a chance and undid his belt and told him to put his seat back. He did, and I undid his pants and unzipped him. I pulled his cock out through his shorts. He was uncut and a good six inches long, and he wasn't even real hard yet. I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. It was better than I ever imagined. It was hard and soft at the same time. I sucked him like a pro. All he could say was, "Oh, fuck, oh fuck." It wasn't long and he was hard as a rock and about seven inches long and thick. "Oh, fuck. My wife never does this anymore." I sucked him for about five minutes and he put his hand on the back of my head. I felt him tense up, and without saying anything he started to cum. I tried to swallow every drop. A little dripped onto his lap, but I didn't care. I kept sucking until he was clean, then I sat back up. "That was fucking awesome," I said, with a big grin on my face. "Oh, fuck. What have I done?" he asked no one in particular. "I think you just got the best blowjob of your life." He just stared straight ahead and nodded. I opened my door to get out of the car. Before I closed the door I turned to him and said, "I think I'm gonna need a ride next Sunday, too." He sheepishly nodded yes as I closed the door and headed to the house, a big smile on my face.


Submitted: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 14:18:38 GMT

My wife calls me a pussy all the time. I guess I am. I was always picked on in school because of my size. In high school I was teased because I had the smallest cock in the shower. One time this bully named Craig made me suck his cock in the shower after P.E. I hated it. They started calling me Peter Pussy Lips. That year three more guys held me and made me suck them off several times before school was out. I still don't know what my wife sees in me, other than the fact that she controls me. So, when she calls me a pussy I can't do anything about it. Then about a month ago she announced that she had a boyfriend. She taunted me with that information for days, often bringing me to tears. Then one night she invited him over and she made me sit in the chair in the corner while he fucked her. He was a stud with a cock about three times bigger than mine. I understood what she saw in him, and found myself getting hard every time he pulled his cock out of one of her holes. "I think he's ready, now," she told him as she looked over to me. "Get over here, pussy." I walked over to the bed. She could see my tiny erection. "Look at that, Mark. The little cunt has a clit hard-on." They both laughed. "I think Mark needs his dick sucked by an expert. Get on your knees, pussy." "Please don't make me do this," I begged her. He reached over and slapped me across the cheek. It hurt a lot. He slapped me a second time. She laughed. I got on my knees and he put his cock up to my lips. I ended up sucking him and swallowing his cum. This went on every night that week, then Friday night they made me strip and he fucked me in the ass. His cock almost split me in two. The pain was great. Again the next night. About the fifth night the pain was gone and I started to enjoy it. Last Saturday night she added a third to the mix. Another stud with an 8 inch cock. One would fuck me while making me suck the other one. But before they would cum they switched places. they did this for about four hours. I was fucking wore out, and was relieved when they finally let me swallow their cum. As much as I complained about it, I rather enjoyed the experience. My wife sensed this and told me that from now on I would be her stand in when she didn't feel like fucking. I'm hoping it's a lot...


Submitted: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 21:37:59 GMT

Before we were married my wife and I spent a week with some friends. We hadn't done anything sexual up to that point. It so happened that our friends were gone that weekend. Instead of me heading back to my place after dinner we went into the bedroom and laid on the bed. I suggested we take our clothes off and crawl under the covers. We still had our underwear on, so I felt we were pretty safe. We were kissing when she broke the kiss, pulled back the covers and pulled my shorts down. She leaned over and started to suck my cock. I never had a blowjob before her, so when I felt her lips on my cock it was all I could do to not cum immediately. I laid there as she mouth fucked herself on my cock. I lasted about 10 minutes and tensed up. She must have felt it, too, because she grabbed my ass and pulled me as far as she could into her mouth. I started cumming. She didn't flinch, but just kept sucking until I was cleaned out. We played out the same scenario the next night. We didn't fuck until we were married, but man can she suck a cock. I think that's when I fell in love with her. Or maybe it's just that I love a hot mouth on my cock...


Submitted: Tue, 08 Jul 2014 21:26:08 GMT

I confess. I'm a slut. Or a man-slut. Or whatever you call a man who will fuck about anything. Last Spring our next door neighbors bought a hot tub and set it up in their enclosed back porch. Denise and I have been over many times to just soak with one or both of them. Jeff and Alyce are their names. Alyce and I have been flirting for a couple of years, but it was a total surprise when I peaked out of my second store bedroom and she was in the hot tub totally naked, and was facing toward me. She looked up and saw me in the window. She raised her legs out of the water and spread them, exposing her pussy to me. This became our routine for the next couple of weeks. Then one day she waved me over. Denise was at work, so I thought, "What the fuck? I've always wanted Alyce's cunt." I went over in my swim trunks. As soon as I stepped in the hot tub she pulled my trunks down, exposing my semi-erect cock. She leaned forward and put her mouth on my cock and started to suck me. "Oh, honey," she said, "Your cock is so much bigger than Jeff's. I don't know if my pussy can take it all." As it turned out she was wrong. I buried my cock so far up her cunt I thought I felt her teeth on me. A couple of days later she was gone, but when I looked out my window down on the hot tub, I saw Jeff. When he looked up and saw me he stood up, showing me his cock. It was actually larger than mine, even though Alyce said it wasn't. He waved me to come down, so I put on my trunks and went down. I almost seems they discussed me with Alyce, because as soon as I stepped into the hot tub he did exactly as she did, even to the point of turning around and bending over, asking me to fuck him. His ass was tighter than hers, and when I started to ass fuck him he kept telling me he wanted me to cum in his ass. I did. We then sat down and just enjoyed the hot water. Needless to say that was a crazy fucking summer, and now that summer is here, I see they have the hot tub ready for another summer of taking turns with me. Maybe this year I'll get my wife involved. Hmmm...