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So on Christmas day eve, i was, along with most of the family, visiting and staying at my parents place. I'm 36 years old and the family always stays together for a couple of days over Christmas.

Late in the evening i headed out and got into the spa out back. I was relaxing when my 11 year old niece came out and asked if it was ok to come in. I welcomed her in. She had a small dark pink bikini on.

Now background to this. I speak to my sister every few weeks and the couple of weeks leading into Christmas she had told me about her daughter having her first period and the hassles following it.

I know i shouldn't of, but seeing her tiny, sexy little body climbing into the spa, i got hard just thinking about how young she is and that she is fertile. Anyway after we both soaked up some warm water i asked her how she was. She told me she was fine, but probed her and told her her mom had told me bout you getting your period a couple weeks back, and asked how she was with it. She said she was ok and felt better now she understood it all. I pushed the conversation and asked if she has every wondered about sex or boys, and while i asked it started to play with her. No, not like that, i mean as in tickling and chasing her around the spa.

She said sort of and i caught her and holding her tightly against me, my hard on pressing into her butt, i tickled her some more. I told her i could show her what it's about and help her. She took a few goes, but came around to me showing her a few hings, as she put it.

I really should have stopped, but i just went right to it. I pulled down the front of my shorts and pulled out my cock. I was still behind her and i told her i would show her what it's like to have a penis rubbing her. I pulled down the back of her bikini pants as she questioned if we should do that. I just held her hips and lent her over the spa step and slipped my cock inside her pants and up between her thighs. I was rubbing my cock over her tiny slit and told her i would now try putting it in her so she could feel what it's like.

She got worried and said no, she didn't want to get pregnant and she was worried i would so that to her. I just held her and explained that i'm only putting it in, then will only move it a few times and will pull out long before anything could happen. Before she even responded i started to pull her hips back as i slowly began to push my cock into her. I didn't feel her hymen as i pushed in, but held her tight as she wriggled and tried to pull away a bit.

After 3 or 4 minutes of slowly working myself in i was almost completely inside her and my head was pressing hard into her cervix. I told her it would feel good as i slowly started to slide back and forth in her. I was only going at it for a minute or two, and my sister turned on the outside light and came on over. I stopped moving, right at the point i was completely buried inside my niece. I just held her as we slipped down under the water, so it looked like we were still just playing around. My sister asked how we were going and i answered fine. My niece just squeaked out an ok.

I couldn't hold it any longer, but if i pulled out my sister would surely have seen, even under the water, so i just held my niece even tighter, which she clearly knew and wriggled to try and get free, but i just held firm and while still talking to my sister i unloaded 5 huge spurts of fresh sperm directly into her 11 year old daughter, my 11 year old niece. I knew i was almost certainly impregnating her since i knew her period was about 2 weeks ago.

I was so turned on knowing what was happening to the little girl i was holding, as i blew inside her with her mother watching and not knowing the whole time. I stayed so hard in her and as the conversation went on i just got more and more excited again. after about 10 minutes, just as my sister turned and walked away i blew a second time in her tiny body. I only pumped 2 smaller loads into her that time.

I told her i was sorry, but i didn't want us getting in trouble with her mother. She was upset, but i lied and told her it would be fine as the spa water would probably make her safe anyway. I pulled out and pulled her bikini pants back up tight making sure they trapped any leaking sperm in them. I told her to her to her room and change, and to put a pad in so it can catch all the cum. She did so and came back out a few minutes later.

I was so turned on all night knowing she had my sperm inside her belly, possibly impregnating her and she really though it was all ok.