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When I got married my wife was very giving sexually the first two years. She would suck my cock until I came on my belly then get on top until I fucked her to orgasm. That abruptly stopped one day. She all of a sudden decided sucking cock was dirty. I got more pissed as time passed. The next five years found me looking for strange women to suck me. I succeeded quite a bit at getting sucked and fucking different women.

One night at the bar I was sitting alone listening to the music when a man walked over to me. He was at least 9 inches taller than me and had a huge belly. He introduced himself as Jerry and asked if he could join me. I didn't see a problem as most of the tables were full so I told him yes. After some small talk he ordered me a drink. I thanked him and he scooted his chair a little closer. He looked down at my crotch and put his hand on my thigh. He said, "You ever get sucked by a man?" I told him no, and that I wasn't gay. "I suck cock better than any woman," he said.

After buying me a couple more drinks I was pretty loose. He put his hand back on my thigh and rubbed up to my cock. "How about it?" he asked. "I'm in the motel right next door. Come on." He got up and as I stood I noticed my cock was semi-hard. I couldn't figure out why but I followed him. When we entered his room he told me to take my clothes off. He quickly stripped. He had a huge belly, but I noticed his large nuts. His cock was pretty small but those nuts intrigued me.

He laid me on the bed on my back and pulled me down so my ass was hanging off the end. He knelt down and took my cock in his mouth. I was quickly hard as a fucking rock. It didn't take but a minute and I was cumming. He swallowed every drop. When he stood up I saw his cock was sticking straight out. It was only about four inches long but fairly thick. I had never sucked a cock before, but when he asked me if I wanted to I told him yes. He laid on the bed as I had done. I took his cock in my mouth and immediately loved it. I sucked him like a pro. He asked if I wanted to swallow his cum and I shook my head yes. He started to cum. It was more than I could handle but I did my best.

I thought we were done but he put me back on the bed and knelt down again. He had me hard in about three minutes. It took longer this time, and as I was getting hard I felt a finger playing with my asshole. that was something my wife never did. It was strange but exciting as well, and when he shoved his finger all the way in I about lost it. What a fucking feeling as he stroked my prostate from inside as I started cumming. As he pulled his mouth off I started to rise but he pushed me back down. He raised my legs and spit my cum out onto my asshole. He finger fucked me for another minute or so then stood up. He pushed my legs up to my chest and in one motion shoved his cock into my ass. It spread me open but I tried to relax.

He was soon fucking me and told me I had the tightest man cunt he had ever fucked. I had never cum three times in one night but my cock was hard again. Being ass fucked was a whole new world of pleasure. He reached down and took my cock in one hand and stroked me until I was ready to cum again. He thrust one last time and said he was cumming. At the same time I started cumming. He put his other hand over the head of my cock and caught my cum. I didn't have much left, but when he put his hand up to my mouth and told me to clean it I got a good taste of my cum.

We were both spent by that time and I got dressed to leave. He said he would be there the next night if I wanted to do it again. He fucked me twice that next night and had to leave the day after. All of a sudden I realized that I was glad my wife didn't want sex anymore. That left me to go out and find cock for myself.