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So continuing from confession "1785".

Firstly, i went and checked in on the girl i have already fucked and she is leaving hospital this weekend. But, the best news for me is she is pregnant with my baby. I'm sure she will have it aborted, but due to the illness the chart does advise that she cannot go through and procedures for at least 8 to 10 weeks for healing time. She will will be well over 3 months pregnant before she can do anything and this means she will be over the legal abortion times.

Anyway, i did go off and try and find some more girls. I went to another large hospital several hours away from me. I had no luck. And again, but on the 4th hospital, which is almost 3 hours away i found something. I waited around for while again and then went for a walk through the children's wards.

I found room with 4 beds, all full, but all asleep. No one was around, so i had a look into the charts. The first girl is 14, she was a sexy little girl and she was being medicated to sleep during the evenings due to pain management of her broken shoulder and arm. The second was a boy, so moved on. The third was another girl and she was 13. She wasn't being given sleeping medications, but was sound asleep due to high doses of morphine. She wasn't as cute as the last girl, but was still nice. The last bed was a 16 year old girl and she was very sexy. She was being medicated for sleep due to severe pain from a multiple fracture of her heavily casted foot and ankle.

I wait outside where i could see the room and after i watched the nurse do her rounds i headed back. I went for the 14 year old girl. I pulled her curtains around again and i spent a minute making sure she wouldn't wake up. I stripped off and pulled her sheets off. I lay her bed head back down flat and then climbed on. I did what i did last time. I pulled her gown open and was happy to note no bra. She couldn't wear one with her shoulder is my guess. I pulled her panties off and laughed to myself. 14 year old and she was wearing panties that had Cinderella on the front and back of them.

Well i lifted her legs onto my shoulders and slide myself forward. I lent over her and pushed my cock into her. It only took a couple of goes to get it in, then slowly worked a couple inches in until i felt her hymen. Same as last time, i just pushed through quickly and continued to work myself deeper inside her. I managed to get my cock completely inside and could feel myself bottomed out. I just went for it, lasting maybe 5 or 6 minutes until i blew. I pumped another of those extremely huge orgasms into her, blasting 4 big spurts of sperm into her belly. I stayed in her till i had finished pumping any remaining smaller spurts in her and slowly pulled out. I got her dressed and covered again and pulled her sheets back up. I tiled the bed so her head was down and feet up, making sure she didn't leak.

After a short break i went over to the 16 year old girl. I was still nude, but pulled her curtains around quickly. I repeated the try to wake her and made sure. While is was pulling down her sheets i also stopped to read the notes further on her chart. Reading it i opened her gown and was so hard instantly. She had a filly bra over her B cup breasts and a matching filly underwear on. What i had spotted in her chart was that they were providing her with heavy pads as she was due to ovulate in the next couple of days. OMG! I was ready to nut a load right then knowing she was as fertile as i could have been.

I climbed up again and this time i just tilted the back back, making sure her body lay on a 10 or 15 degree angle. I pushed her bra around her neck, letting me see her beautiful breasts and pulled her pants off. She did indeed have a thick pad in them. Anyway, i just went right for it, opening her legs wide, i hung her ankles over the bed sides, making sure her cast was completely out of my way. I lent over her, putting my hand on her shoulders to support myself and hold her still as i pushed into her. I didn't find a hymen which was good, but she felt amazing. I was able to push hard into her, rocking the bed a bit. I slowed down and just felt her for a while, sliding nice and slowly in and out. I felt my head hit her cervix and that just drove me further. I knew i was close so i thrust super hard into her, i was rewarded with a good grunt from her. I did this 4 more times, making her grunt each time until i was balls deep and pushing hard against her cervix. It took almost 20 minutes but i was there and i released. I don't really know how much i cummed in her, but it felt like a tidal wave blasting out of my cock into her sexy body. I finished up and climbed down.

I was going to go over the the 13 year girl next, but since she wasn't as cute and knowing the 16 year old was fertile, i decided to wait with her.I just sat on the side of her bed for 20 minutes relaxing, then I checked the time of previous rounds and figured i still had about an hour or so before they come by. I climbed back up and put her back in position. I Just slid right in and started fucking her again. I was getting pretty excited about impregnating her and was just forcing each thrust hard into her, causing her to grunt with almost every thrust. I know i should have been more careful to make sure no one was going to hear, but i just got so into it. I was fucking her hard for a while, then slowed down and went into a nice steady fuck. I final felt myself after 45 minutes readying to cum. I just went full force hard at it again and thrust my cock as hard and deep as i could. She grunted loudly as i stopped, my cock pressing really hard into the bottom of her pussy and unloaded again. This time i still managed to pump 3 more good spurt of sperm in her. I also realised i was getting close on time, so got off her quickly and got her pants and bra back on, making sure the pad was correctly over her leaking pussy to catch my mess. I put my clothes on and put her bed back.

I also went over and put the 14 year olds bed back in place and i left. My timing was good cause the nurses were just starting rounds as i passed the front desk. It's been 2 days and i'm going to go back tonight and see where it's at.

If the 13 year old is still there i might try her as well, but i really want to fuck the 14 year old again as well and try to make sure i can get her pregnant as well.