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I have confessed about fucking my mother-in-law a couple of times on here. We are still fucking 3-4 times a week and my wife doesn't have a clue.

Last week my MIL walked into my home office, like so many times before, completely naked and came over to my desk, pushed my chair back, got down on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth without us speaking a word to each other. After she had my cock nice and hard she turned around and sat on my lap while guiding my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. She rode my cock for a few minutes then I pushed her up over my desk and started fucking her hard from behind. She was moaning and when she came down from an intense orgasm she stood up and turned around and we started making out. She told me that she loved my big hard cock and was so thankful that her daughter had found it for her. She went on to tell me while I was sucking on her one of her nipples that she really wanted to bring 3rd person into our fucking.

I asked if she wanted to bring another woman or man, she said both, but one at a time. I told her that I was game, but that I would not do anything with another man. She said that was fine, that she just wanted a cock in her puss and one in her ass at the same time. I told her to set it up if she wanted to. She told me that she already had, and that Jim, a friend of hers would be here in a few minutes. She said that she hadn't fucked him yet, but had grabbed his dick a couple times and it felt huge.

I told her again, as long as I don't have to do anything with him. She smiled and kissed me and said that I didn't have to do anything that I didn't feel comfortable doing. She then turned back around and told me to fuck her ass some before he got there. I did as I was asked and dropped to my knees and started eating out her ass to get it ready for my cock. It didn't take long and I was standing back up pushing all of my 8 inches deep into her ass as she moaned out in pleasure. Just as she was having her second orgasm the door bell rang. She told me not to stop. So I kept fucking her ass while she yelled out, come on in.

Jim opened the door and walked in, he looked around until he saw us with her over the desk and me fucking her hard from behind. She told him to close the door and come on in. He did and came over, she introduced us to each other. It was kind of weird having my dick deep in my MIL's ass while I shook his hand. She told him to get naked and let her suck his cock. I was focused on fucking her and playing with her tits while he undressed, but when he walked up to her and put his cock in her face, I was amazed. He was already rock hard and his cock was as big around as a Coke can and was at least 11-12 inches long.

She started stroking his cock as she took as much of it as she could into her mouth. I told Jim that he had an impressive cock, that I had never seen one that big before. He said thanks, as she was taking about half of his cock into her mouth.

I was about to cum and told my MIL, she told me not to cum yet that she wanted to swallow my cum. So I pulled out, she turned around to me and told Jim to come around the desk and join us.

When he came around, they started making out some, they kissed, he sucked on one of her nipples as he ran his hands all over her body. When he pulled away from her, she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth while she stroked his. She then started swapping from one cock to the other. She could deep throat me, but his cock was too big for her to get it all the way down. After a few back and fourths she took me into her throat and stayed on me until I was about to cum. I told her I was going to cum and she pulled me out so that my cum would land in her mouth. As I shot my last squirt of cum she stood up and showed me all of my cum in her mouth and turned to Jim and started kissing him. They shared my cum and I saw both of them swallowing, letting me know that Jim had taken part of my load. While I was watching them, I had felt a hand grab and start stroking my cock, I just thought it was my MIL's, but I looked down and it was Jim's.

I still don't know why but I didn't stop him, I just let him stroke me.

My MIL told me that she wanted me to eat her pussy before Jim fucked it, and told me to lie down on the desk and she would get on top of me so we could 69 while Jim watched from behind and when I was done he could start fucking her.

Again, I did as I was told and laid back on the desk, she laid on top of me with her pussy right at my mouth. I started eating her pussy and fingering her ass as she started sucking me again. Jim stayed around at her head for a while and she would take him into her mouth ever little bit. I couldn't see them because of her pussy being in my face, but I could tell he was holding the base of my cock while she was sucking it. I felt my cock go completely into someone mouth, I though it was my MIL's until I heard her say, doesn't that feel good?...he can take you all the way down. I started to push her up and off of me, and she said, no stop, Jim likes sucking cock and I didn't think you would mind, I saw you letting him stroke you. So, I thought what the hell, it does feel amazing. So I went back to eating her pussy.

Jim stopped sucking my cock and came around the desk. His cock was huge, and he put it up to her ass hole and started rubbing it up and down her ass crack. I stopped eating her pussy and was watching his huge cock head running up and down her crack, he even dipped it down to her pussy a couple of times, and when he ran it all the way up her crack his balls would hit the top of my head. She stopped sucking my cock ling enough to tell Jim to fuck her pussy. He didn't give me anytime to move out of the way and shoved his cock into her pussy. His balls was hitting my forehead. She asked me to lick her clit while he fucked her. I thought, well his balls are already on my forehead, what difference does it make now. So I did, and really started liking it, watching his big hard cock slide in and out of her hole as I licked her. He couldn't get balls deep because of hitting my head, so he pulled on her which in turn pulled me and her so that my head was hanging off the desk to give him full access to her pussy.

He started fucking her like a mad man, and was going balls deep with every stroke, she started cuming just after a few strokes and was yelling that that was the biggest cock she had ever fucked.

I didn't realize it but I was trying to watch, so the way I was tilting my head I was holding my mouth open. Jim pulled out of her pussy when she stopped spasmming from her orgasm and looked down at me. I guess since he saw my mouth open, he thought it was an invitation, so he pushed his cock into my mouth. I was in shock as he fucked my mouth. He wasn't going in very deep, but his head was all the way in my mouth. I tasted her pussy juice and actually liked that so I didn't stop him. My MIL got up and off of me and saw that Jim's cock was going in and out of my mouth. She said, I thought you might enjoy sucking a cock, let's see if you can take it all.

I don't know why but I really started enjoying his cock sliding in and out of my mouth, so I closed my lips around his cock and started sucking and letting him push deeper. Within a few strokes his cock was going all the way down my throat and his balls was resting on my nose.

Jim leaned over and started stroking my cock, while he was throat fucking me.

My MIL started telling us how sexy it was to watch two guys taking each others cocks while she pinched a nipple and fingered herself.

Jim announced that he was going to cum, she told him to cum in my mouth, I didn't really know if I wanted that or not, but it was too late, after his first squirt, he shoved his dick all the way down my throat and finished unloading. When he pulled out I could taste his cum. It wasn't bad at all, I actually liked it.

I sat up and my MIL started kissing me trying to get as much cum out of my mouth as she could. Jim dropped to his knees and started sucking me again, this time though he was sucking me like an expert, it was amazing, he had me cumming in about 3 minutes, it was the best blow job I have ever had.

When Jim stood up his cock was hard again, he said sucking cock always makes his dick hard. My MIL dropped down and started sucking on it again. She seemed determined to get it all the way down her throat.

While she worked on him, he leaned down and took me back into his mouth and pushed me back on the desk so that I was laying down. This gave him access to my ass. He sucked my dick then licked and sucked on my balls and finally worked his tongue down to my ass hole. I have never had my ass licked my another guy, but it felt amazing, it was like little shocks of electricity when his tongue would push into my ass hole. He was really getting into eating my ass and I was loving it when I felt him stick a finger into me. It didn't hurt at all and actually felt good. He finger fucked me a little and then I felt him stretching me open with two, and then 3 fingers. It felt so good I didn't even look up, I just laid back with my eyes closed and enjoyed the pleasure he was providing. But in the back of my mind I knew what he was working me up too. He was going to fuck me with his huge cock. And deep down, that is what I wanted, to feel his big hard cock squirting his cum deep in me, breeding me.

Just as I thought, he stopped tonguing my ass and I felt each of his hands on each of my cheeks spreading them apart and then felt something hard pressing up against my ass hole.

I heard my MIL asking if I was ok with him fucking me, I just looked up at her and said, I want his cock in me. With that, he pushed forward and his head popped past my anal ring. It hurt to begin with, but he just stayed there and told me to relax. I did and then he started pushing into me a little at a time. He did this for a few minutes until he was balls deep. My MIL said you took all of his cock, how does it feel. I told her that it felt amazing. He started fucking me with long slow strokes, it was incredible. He started picking up the pace and before long I had my legs wrapped around him with my feet on his ass pulling him into me as deep as he could go. He kept saying that I had the hottest and tightest ass he had ever been in. I could tell he was getting tired so I told him I wanted to ride him. He pulled out and went over to the coffee table and laid back on it with his huge cock sticking straight up. My ass felt so empty, I longed to have it filled again with his cock. I went over and straddled him and lowered myself slowly onto his cock. I let it slide all the way in in one motion. It felt so good to have it back filling me up. I put my feet up on the coffee table and started riding his cock for all I was worth. Every time I slammed down on him my cock would twitch. After a couple of minutes of riding his cock, taking it all the way in and all the way out to the head my legs were getting tired, so I sit down with him buried all the way in me and started a rocking motion, I guess this was causing his cock to hit my prostate because only after a few rocks I started shooting a huge load of cum and wasn't even touching my cock. As I came down from my orgasm I collapsed on top of him. He pushed me up and rolled me over onto the couch. At this point my MIL was just watching and playing with her pussy. When he had me on the couch he entered me with one stroke and started fucking me for all he was worth. It felt so amazing. My cock was starting to get hard again and when he said he was going to cum, I grabbed his ass and pulled him into me and told him to plant his seed deep. He started moaning as he was cumming, I could feel his cock swelling and the hot cum coming out of his hard cock. This made me have another orgasm, I didn't shoot any cum but I actually had an orgasm.

When he pulled out of me, my MIL took him into her mouth and cleaned the cum off of his cock, then turned around and took me into her mouth and cleaned me up real good. I just laid there thinking about what had just happened, and realized my ass felt empty again.

Now, all I want to do is get fucked by his big cock. I don't even want to have sex with my MIL unless he is there to fill me up.....