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My mom started patting my ass when I was 14, she was 31 then. I figured this out, whenever I wore short shorts, shirt or no shirt, she'd come on to me.

One day, it was after school in the winter in '74, I'd already changed into my t shirt and short shorts just after I got home, my mom called me to her room.

When I got there, she was in her short shorts and bra and her bra wasn't hooked and wanted me to hook it for her, so I did, when I was leaving her room, she snuck up and patted my ass.

Then she invited me to take off my shirt, so I did. Then she wanted me to hang out with her while she ironed. After awhile, I just got hard in my short shorts and she smiled as she saw the bulge in my short shorts.

It was strange, this never happened before, when it was time for bed, I ended up sleeping with her, she was in her panties and bra, I was in my briefs.

When I asked her what dad would say if he walked in on us, I thought he would be home any moment, that's when I found out about divorce. I was shocked when she told me it was final.

I knew he was gone alot, I thought his work was why. That was some of why they got divorced. There I was, age 14 and become her love interest.

The next day we were at a motel room, she was in her panties and bra, I was in my briefs, she and thing for the bulge in my briefs, I had a thing for her tummy.

Then one day, I won't forget how suddenly huge and long my dick got when it got hard. It happened when I was already in my briefs when she took off her dress and was only in her panties and bra.

When she saw how hard I was, she demanded I fill her cunt with seed. After almost a full night of sex, we both felt it and we both enjoyed it.

Weeks later, I got home from school, I stripped down to my briefs when my mom came out of the bathroom in only her bra and panties that came up higher than usual. There was only 3 inches of bare tummy between her bra and panties, not the 5 inches as before.

She smiled and announced her pregnancy, that it was our baby. It felt real good to feel the front of her panties, I sure loved the way she felt the bulge in my briefs when I gazed at her tummy and bra.

Sleeping with her back then and watching her tummy grow with our kid inside at that time made me hard alot. When her tummy got all nice and round, she had on this 3 piece bathing suit, a coverup, bra, and bottoms.

We stayed at a hotel, the room we had had a private hottub, I was in my speedo, she was in her 3 piece bathing suit, no coverup, it stayed in her baggage. When I saw how her 3 inches of bare tummy looked between her bathing suit bra and bathing suit bottoms, my dick got so hard, just from feeling our baby, I gushed out loads of cum in the hot tub.

Days later when I got home from school, she was in her short shorts and sheer seethrough top, it made my dick so hard after I changed into my little tennis shorts, she took off her top, out came her bra, her 3 inches of bare tummy and the front of her short shorts.

When I felt our baby, I was aroused by how my seed made her tummy grow.