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I had my first three way last summer. My friend Katie and I had talked about wanting to play with each other on several occasions but after she had gotten a new boyfriend it had not been mentioned in a about six months.

One day the three of us went on a day trip to a nearby lake and were swimming and drinking for several hours. By the time the sun was starting to set and the temperature had cooled, Katie and I were pretty wasted. Her boyfriend Jake was our DD and had only had a few beers throughout the day.

Feeling frisky I swam over to Katie and put my arms around her. We floated around wrapped up in each other for a few moments and our hands started to explore. Beneath the water, I pulled her tits out of her shirt and rubbed her soft nipples. She giggled and playfully kissed my lips. I glanced over at Jake who was watching us intently. I slid my hand down and rubbed her pussy through her cotton shorts. She giggled and moaned lightly, then wrapped her hand up in my long brown hair and kissed me deeply.

"Jake! Jake, get over here!" She called to him. He quickly swam over to where we were. I slid my fingers into her shorts and up and down her pussy lips as she and Jake made out, her hand gripping my tit. Jake positioned himself directly beside us, with one arm around Katie and one around me. As I played with his girlfriends wet pussy, I felt Jake's hand brushing against mine through my bikini bottoms and my heart skipped. He pulled the fabric to the side, exposing my cunt completely beneath the water. The contrast of the cold water and his strong finger as it spread my pussy lips and caressed my hot, slippery wet hole felt amazing. I wiggled my pussy against his hand as he slipped a finger in, he moved it in and out a few times feeling how tight I am. Katie and I made out with my fingers in her cunt and her boyfriend gently fucking me with his. I felt her hand sliding down to my pussy. When she felt his there she pushed it away and stopped kissing me, seemingly irritated then declared she thought we should head back to their house.

I watched happily from the back as she spread her legs apart and let Jake finger fuck her as he drove the whole 30 minute drive home. When we arrived she pulled me by the hand to the bathroom and began undressing.

"Shower with me." She said. I began to undress too. Her tits were huge but perky, with pretty round nipples. Her pussy was just as pretty as her tits, with just a little tuft of blonde hair. The moment we were in the water we began making out passionately and exploring each other with our hands. I leaned down and sucked on one nipple and then the other as she rubbed my clit with her hand.

"I've been waiting to do this" she said, pushing me back against the shower wall. She lifted one of my legs over her shoulder and dove her face into my pussy, licking my clit enthusiastically and looking up at me with blue eyes, my hand grasping her blonde hair as I moaned loudly. Once I came on her pretty full lips I pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting myself, swirling our tongues together. I then got to my knees and buried my face in her pussy, sliding in a finger and fucking her hole with it as i licked her sweet clit.

"Oh my GOOOOOOODDDDDDD" She moaned. "Do you want to watch Jake fuck me?" she asked.

"Mmmm yes" I replied, and returned to eating her pussy. She yelled for him and he arrived to the sight of me naked on my knees with my face between Katie's legs.

"Get in here" she told him in a breathy voice then let out a moan. He was quickly naked and in the shower with us. With me still on my knees in front of them they began to make out, she lifted her leg and he began to finger her. I noticed his cock was hard and beautiful, hanging directly in front of my face and I took it into my mouth. Shocked, he stopped kissing her and looked down at me with a surprised look. I pulled back from it and she glanced at me disapprovingly. I stood up beside them and he looked me up and down "You both have beautiful tits, don't you?" he remarked. They leaned against the shower wall and she lifted her leg up, allowing him to slide his dick into her. For a moment as he fucked her his hand wandered to my dripping wet pussy but she quickly pulled it away.

After a few moments watching them she dropped to her knees and began to suck his dick and I got down on the ground beside her. Jake's foot rubbed against my slit. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and offered it to me and I sucked on it for a moment before she pulled it away and back into her mouth before deciding she was uncomfortable and promptly exiting the shower and the room. I stood up and began to rinse myself under the water with my eyes closed before I got out. I felt Jake get close to me and his lips brush mine, his dick pressing against my stomach, but he quickly pulled away and got out as well.

I was left extremely horny and feeling slightly guilty, but definitely one of the sexiest experiences I have had.