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I have an unusual family I guess you would say. I'm a 17 year old girl I live with my two sisters 19&12, my mom 34 my step dad 63 and my baby son 3.

My mom had my sister when she was only 15 and her parents kicked her out. She became a stripper a coke addict and would fuck customers on the side for money which is how I ended up being born when she was 17.

We lived in a one bedroom apartment most of my life and shared a king size bed. Me and my sister watched her fucking numerous men as long as I can remember. I don't remember thinking it was bad or anything because I had no reason to I was mostly just curious.she had my little sister when I was five. When I was a little older me and my sister would participate with them or sometimes men would want to fuck one of us only.

When I was about ten she met my stepdad who has a decent bit of money. He let us move in with him in a three bedroom house and she stopped fucking men for money but she still strips. Even though we have our own beds now we sleep in their bed on and off especially my little sister she sleeps with them most nights. my stepdad fucks any of us any time he wants.None of us wear clothes in the house unless we have company. We can all be in the living room watching a movie and he will just start playing with my pussy then lick and fuck me and everyone just goes on about their business or gets turned on and play too. My little sister likes to suck his dick on the couch right after school most days. My big sister strips now also with my mom and they're gone most of the night so me and my little sister get a lot of attention from him.he has a few friends that come over that we act normal around and we fuck them too sometimes. But most people don't know what we are like at home. Some of my friends don't mind but I have lost a couple. My sister can't wait to be a stripper she loves playing on the pole at home and walking around in nothing but heels and makeup. I prob will be a stripper too but idk yet.

I got pregnant when I was 13 which it may be my stepdad baby or someone else's I'm not sure and had him when I was 14.

I think some people would be freaked out by the way we are but I honestly love it and I know my sister's do too.