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When I was 18 I was hitchhiking home from college and was picked up by an older guy. We talked about various things like school and then he asked if I had a girlfriend, whether I liked girls, had I ever screwed a girl, etc. The conversation made me hard because I was always horny. Then he showed me what is called an 8-paer or Tiajuana Bible, 8 frames of cartoon porn. I was so hard. He told me he had been to an adult book store and it had a gloryhole. He had slipped his dick in it and had been sucked off. He said it felt great and if I had the chance, I should do the same. I said I would. Then he said, "How about letting me suck you now?" I was so hard and horny I agreed. He drove to a secluded road and pulled over. I pulled down my jeans and underpants revealing my hard penis. he felt it a bit and then put his lips around it. This was obviously not his first time. It felt so good and I came in about 30 seconds. He swallowed all I shot out. He then wiped his mouth and drove to the main highway and let me out. I never saw him again, but it was not the last time I was blown by a guy.

There was an adult movie theater about 30 minutes from campus. One night I went there. I was nervous. I paid and went in. There were about 10 guys around the theater. I went about halfway down and sat against the wall. I pulled out my penis and started jacking off while watching the movie. Soon a guy came into the row and sat down next to me. He pulled out his dick and started stroking also. My penis is 6½" cut, but this guys must have been 9" cut. It seemed huge. Afetr awhile he reached over and started stroking my penis up and down. It felt sooo good. Then his read went down on my dick and he slowly sucked me off. Every time I was about to cum, he would stop and let me calm down. After doing that five times, I exploded in his mouth. He asked me to jack him off, which I did and he shot all over everywhere. I was spent and felt great.