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I was second born, my mom was just barely 20 when my sister was born. Then she was 29, close to 30 when I was born, my sister was around 9 back then. Back in 96, I was 13 when she was 43.

When I grew up, my mom had always kept her figure, she loved showing off her body. She got divorced from my sister's dad around the time I happened, she let him have custody of her too.

Late one night in late February 96, my mom walked in on me when I was in the bathroom only in my flyless briefs, then she begun staring at my ass and caressed my back, I was trying to get ready for bed.

It felt weird, then she wanted me to rub her back. When I did, she stripped to her bra, still was in her short shorts. My cock suddenly stuck straight out hard in my flyless briefs as her short shorts showed off a little of her ass cheeks.

After I was done rubbing her back, she wanted me in bed with her, I was puzzled. Then after thinking about it, I climbed in bed with her. When I was in bed with her when she kept resting her ass up against my ass.

I turned around and she rested her ass up against my cock, after awhile, it got hard, so hard I shot huge cums in my flyless briefs and completely soaked her pantycrotch, she was just as amazed at how it felt as I was.

By almost the middle of May 96, she started wearing her short shorts, panties and whatever higher around her waistline than usual, instead of showing off her belly button at all. I thought she was sexier looking like that whenever she wore her bra.

Then in late May, she stood there smiling at her fulllength mirror when I got home from a friend's place. She said "Hey love, you look cute in those little shorts." I said in a rather shy vouce "Thanks, I'm taking off my shirt if that's ok." She said "That's fine love."

After I chucked my shirt in the hamper and was in just my little tennis shorts, my mom said "We need to talk." I said "I'm not in trouble am I?" She said "No way love."

Then she said "Haven't you noticed a few changed in my tummy lately?" I said "Not exactly." She said "Here have a look." When I did notice what she was talking about, her tummy was a little bit larger than usual and how the front of her short shorts crested way over her belly button.

The back of her short shorts showed off her ass cheeks and she was in her bikini bra, my cock grew big and hard in my tennis shorts just from looking at her 3 1/2 inches of almost flat tummy, usually her tummy was flat, not that day it wasn't.

Then I said "Now I get it." She said "I'm so you noticed love because I'm going to have a baby, here come feel." My heart was beating and my cock wiggled hard in my tennis shorts when I ran my hands across the front of her short shorts. It was amazing to feel my mom's tummy.

I no sooner was done feeling her tummy than was I in my room, stripped straight to my flyless briefs, wanking myself till all my cum shot straight out of my wiggling hard cock into my briefs.

Then by mid July 96, my mom's tummy had grown round under the front of her high waist short shorts, where her tummy was still almost flat showed off between her bikini bra and short shorts, mmmm, she looked so amazing my cock grew big and hard in my striped speedo.

There we were, just us two at a private pond waist deep, hugging and caressing each other, her tits were sexy hard under her bra, my cock wiggling hard in my speedo. Feeling her then growing tummy gave me such a sexual arousal, it felt amazing to squirt huge cums up my speedo.