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I gave birth when I was 16. During my pregnancy my breasts grew a lot and my nipples got much larger. I loved playing with them, squirting milk and generally fantasizing about men. My baby's daddy was a college guy I met at a party. We had a one nighter and I never saw him again. My uncle and aunt lived just down the street and I noticed that uncle Terry visited a lot after he found out I was pregnant. I often caught him staring at my tits and when he had the chance he would brush up against me.

I was flattered at his attention but a little uncomfortable sometimes. He and my dad would get piss drunk and sometimes made lewd comments about my body. After the baby was born I found myself often so horny I had to masturbate just to relieve the pressure. I got especially horny when breastfeeding.

One night when mom and dad were gone for the weekend uncle Terry came over. He never knocked but just walked in. He was pretty drunk and asked me to get him a beer. When I gave him the bottle he quickly put it down and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me down onto his lap. I had just finished feeding the baby and my pussy was itching. I was only wering shorts and a t-shirt, no bra. As he pulled me down onto his lap his hand reached around and grabbed one of my tits. His fingers found a nipple and he squeezed a little. It made a wet spot on my shirt but oddly I enjoyed it. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. His other hand came around and grabbed my other tit. I was on his lap and thought I felt his cock twitch.

I wasn't very experience and only had sex that one drunken night when I got pregnant. "Honey, your tits have gotten really big this year," he said. I just grunted a little and let him keep playing with them. He turned me around. I could smell the beer on him but was used to it so it didn't really bother me. Facing him, he reached under my shirt and started playing with my tits again. He leaned forward and started to kiss my neck. "You know, your aunt Linda rarely wants to fuck anymore?" I didn't respond and was shocked when he pushed me back a little and said, "You ever suck a cock?" I shook my head no. "I think it's time you learned," he said. "Here, get on your knees and pull my pants down." For some reason I did it. His cock was much bigger than the last guy, and he had never been circumcised.

I stared at it for a few seconds then wrapped my hand around it. I pulled the hood back and put it in my mouth. It was soft like my baby's skin but hard like a banana. I instantly loved it and did my best to suck him. He gently put his hand on my head and guided me up and down. Then he pushed my head down a little and without warning started cumming. I coughed and sputtered but got a mouthful of his jizz. I swallowed some and some ran down my chin. When I pulled away he had me lay down on the couch. He pulled my shorts off and I felt the wetness of my own horniness on my thighs. He buried his face between my legs and stuck his tongue in my cunt.

I never knew oral sex on me could feel so good. His tongue fucked me and flicked my clit until I bucked in orgasm. After I had cum the second time he knelt between my legs and pushed my knees up toward my chest. He scooted forward and put his cock up to my cunt. I didn't know a man could get hard again after cumming once but he did. He fucked me until I came two more times then had me turn over on my hands and knees. He put his cock back in me and started to fuck me deep and hard. I was grunting and moaning. This was fucking awesome. I came two more times while he was fucking me on my hands and knees. I actually felt his cum shoot into me. He just kept saying, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," over and over as he came inside me. He pulled out and told me to clean him off.

I quickly turned around and took him back in my mouth until he was totally spent and clean. He said, "Thanks, honey. I'll be back tomorrow." He got dressed and left. We ended up fucking at least two times a week over that summer. That was about 9 months ago and I'm on my way to the hospital to give birth to my second.

Mom and dad have really been pissed at me for several months now, but for some reason uncle Terry is pleased as punch.