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So i went on a Disney cruise for a 10 day sail. I went alone, but really only went so i could perv on all the tween and teen girls. I just love their sexy little bodies and the cute little swimsuits and bikinis they all wear.

Anyway, for the first couple of days, i just enjoyed roaming the ship, watching, perving and sneaking lots of photos of the girls i thought were the cutest and sexiest. I found a few good spot to watch from and a few better spots i could talk to and mix in with them.

Myself, i'm 36 years old, but a lot of people reckon i only look like i'm later 20's. I'm not super hot, but am in good shape.

It wasn't my plan, but my plans changed quickly after this. On the 4th day i was hanging near the teens chill out room. Just floating around and going back and forth from the bar. I saw a beautiful teen head over to the bar and get a juice. I headed over and made sure to bump into her. I apologised and quickly moved her to the tables off to the side and sat her down while i went and got her a new drink. I chatted with her and asked her about her and her family. Asked how she was liking the cruise. I was flirting pretty badly with her and telling her how pretty and cute she was. I told her that if i was a bit younger i'd love to go out with her. Anyway after a while she agreed to take a walk around the deck with me.

I know i really shouldn't have, but once i knew the cute girl was only 13 and she was on board with her mother only i went for it. It didn't take much to convince her i really thought she was special and while walking i found us a spot in the back of a empty ball room on the upper deck. I had her bent over the table, her long hair spread out everywhere, skirt around her waist, holding her hips tight as i fucked her tiny body for all it was worth. She never even asked me to stop, or use a condom, i just thrust her silly until i loaded her teenage pussy full of cum. After i cummed in her the second time i thanked her for being so lovely to me and really making my trip. She was excited and said she loved me and looked forward to seeing me more.

As i said, plans change. I set out after this to try and find more girls and fuck as many as i could. The 5th day i fucked my newest friend 4 more times during the day. The last time was in her room before her mother was due to return.

The 6th day was great. I found one of the pirate pools and hung around. I was sitting on the edge and after a while i started a conversation with a girl swimming past me a few times. It was actually really easy to get her to follow me as i told her about the sauna. Once in private i made sure i witched the sign on door to saying closed for cleaning before she noticed. Again to sweet talked her and got her hooked. She was really cute and i found out i had totally misjudged her age. I thought she looked 14 or 15, but found out she only turned 12 3 weeks earlier. She had a super sexy little body and nice little tits.

I told her i really wanted to make love to her as i started rubbing her legs. I think the shock of it got her and before she could really reject me or say no, i lay her back on the benches and spread her knees wide. I climbed between her legs and pulled my cock out. She half mumbled about being to young, but i just pulled her pink bikini pants over and slowly pushed into her. I took her virginity, but just kept slowly going. She was whispering between my thrusting that she wanted to stop and she though it wasn't safe for girls to have sex with older men. I just told her that until she reaches puberty and starts having periods it was ok. She clearly push my chest and said she had her last period 10 days ago. I just sunk balls deep and blasted the largest load of sperm i think i had ever blown into her. I held her tight as i emptied myself inside her body. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up and as i sat down on the bench i kept her in my lap, facing me with my cock still inside her. It didn't take long to get hard again and i just gently worked myself in her. I told her i would come and find her and love her and she bought it all. I didn't last long till i pumped my next load in her.

Anyway, day 7 i didn't get any action, but just took more photos and did more perving. I did find a girl i wanted to try and get, but didn't get a chance to try.

8th day i fucked my first girl again in her room, but on her mothers bed. I was still so horny i went right from her to second pretty little princess and i fucked her right away and then again later in the afternoon. In the evening i went to a deck party that was themed for princesses and princes.

It took some searching, but i found a small group of girls hanging out in one corner of the deck. I started chatting and making jokes with them. One of the girls flirted a little bit with me so i went along with it. Once we were walking along the outer deck talking i headed us towards the bathrooms. I grabbed her arm as we got near the disabled toilets and pulled her inside with me. She was surprised, but i told her i wanted to make out with the sexiest princess at the ball. I locked us in the bathroom and slowly started to kiss her.

She was 15, had really sexy body, long blonde hair, nice b cups and a was wearing a really nice Cinderella dress. It took a bit to work on her and she really asked me to be careful and use a condom for protection. I folded out the baby change table and lent her forward over it. I lifted the puffy dress from the back and folded it up over her waist and let it all fall over her head, covering any view of me. I asked her if she was safe, while gently pulling her light blue panties down to her knees. She said no and again asked me to use a condom. I lied and told her i put one on.

I really thrust this girl hard knowing she had no idea and could see that i was not protected. I just loved the idea of trying to another girl pregnant. I cummed so hard and deep inside her, that when she felt it and panicked, i told her not to worry as it was the all being captured in the condom. I spent almost 3 hours in the bathroom with her and i fucked her 5 times in total. I made sure i wiped the mess off her pussy as i finished the last time, making sure she didn't see any leaking cum as i pulled her panties back up, making sure her pad was carefully lined up to catch any leaks during the rest of the evening. She didn't say anything, so i assume i got away with it.

On day 9, i got my wish. I found the girl i had been watching since day 1, had taken many photos of her around the ship. Mid afternoon i found her sitting in the dinner hall eating some afternoon tea, but didn't see anyone with her. I got a snack and headed to her table. I asked if i could sit and keep her company so we both didn't sit alone. She took my offer. Now this girl was a wet dream. Blue eyes, sandy blonde hair to her shoulders, tiny, but nicely budding breasts, slim body and short match. Smooth tanned legs and a sexy little smile.

We chatted and laughed for a while. I talked about the boys must be hanging off her, being so cute. I found out she was only 11 and wasn't turning 12 for another 5 months. I was bursting in my pants to try and get inside her. I knew i wouldn't get a girl so young easily. Anyway we walked towards the pools and i was watching her tiny ass move from side to side as she walked. She had a nice fitting white bikini with girly frills on it on.

She went in the pool for a short bit and came back and got me. She asked me to come swim with her cause she wanted to jump off my shoulders. I agreed and we went swimming. I loved having her rub all over me as she climbed on me and jumped. I made sure to touch her a few times and rub her ass as i lifted her up.

Anyway, sitting at some tables again, i told her i wanted to have a girl to love cause i was going to die. I told her that i was on the trip to celebrate before it was too late. Once it had her hooked in and believing me, she was really upset. I took her to my room to comfort her. I asked her if she would let me love her cause the trip was almost over and no one else would.

I got her totally going along with me. She was clearly nervous, but i just sweet talked her and after a few minutes i had bikini off, kneeling on the bed and i was behind her. I told her that i wanted to pretend to make a baby, because i wasn't going to get to for real. She just told me to be gentle and go slow.

It took me what felt like hours to slowly work myself into her, break her hymen as gently as i could and push in until i could feel myself push against the bottom of her pussy. She just went with me and i knew i couldn't hold it as i pushed myself as deep as i could force myself in, then told her i was going to make a baby in her and released. I held her hips and unloaded hard against her cervix. I have no idea if she was fertile or not, but i figured she clearly had nicely sprouting breasts, so it was a good chance she was. I kept saying things like, i'm putting my baby in you, I'm filling your belly with my seed and she was going to look really sexy when her tummy swells with our baby inside it. She didn't seem to react to it, but just giggle. I'm not actually sure if she even knew what me cumming in her could mean.

Since it was the last night and i wasn't going to get any more chances i asked her if she could sneak out and spend the night with me cause i didn't want to get sad again. She did and a couple hours later she came back to my room. I spent almost all night fucking her 11 year old body over and over. I knew the last couple of times i was shooting blanks, but i didn't care. I managed to fuck her 6 more times over the 7 hours she was with me, until she left to go sneak back into her room. I cummed so much in her and just really made sure that if she is fertile that i just might have also gotten her pregnant.

I don't actually know if i got any of the pregnant or not, but i loved trying to impregnate them anyway. I really hope i did get a couple of them knocked up, especially the 11 year old. I would love to see her parents reaction when they find out she has my baby growing in her.