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I fuck my dog several times a week. It started out when I was a kid, I was super curious about my body and the first time I really explored any of that, other than with my fingers in the tub, was when I fucked the ball hitch on my dad's truck. I would sneak out at night and in the dark I would sit in the hitch and rock back and forth letting that ball hit my spots. It would make me cum so hard. I was never popular in school and only had a handful of boyfriends. After school, I went to college and did some drugs and was constantly drunk. After I got my degree, I moved to the city and there I got an apartment. I got my first computer and would spend all night looking up random stuff, porn included. I found bestiality one night and became obsessed. After a long time of convincing myself, I finally bought a lab. I let my pussy and ass get so nasty and dirty and he loves to lick my cunt. He fucks me so hard and makes me squirt over and over. Goddam I wanna fuck him now.