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I've been married for 30 years and can't get my wife to suck me anymore. I was really horny one night and got on-line. I answered a guy's ad and made arrangements to go over and get my cock sucked. He was about 10 miles away and answered the door in only a robe. He had a big belly and was about eight inches taller than my 5'6". He said he had a friend here and asked if that was alright. I said, "The more, the merrier."

He led me into the bedroom and the other guy was on the bed naked. He was fairly thin and looked pretty tall. He stared at my crotch as I walked in. He told me to get undressed. I stripped and stepped up to the bed. He reached down and put his hand around my cock. He had me get on the bed on my back and knelt between my legs. The fat guy moved me around so my head was off the side. That's when he took his robe off and put his cock up to my mouth. It was much bigger than mine. I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. I noticed his nuts were large also. He stood there while I sucked him to a full erection then started to slowly fuck my mouth.

The guy between my legs reached down and fondled my nuts as he sucked me, then he started to play with my asshole with a wet finger. He slipped his finger in and slowly finger fucked me as he sucked me. He then put a second finger in and was massaging my prostate as I got rock hard. I couldn't hold it any longer and grunted. He took his mouth off of me and I started cumming. I felt the warmth actually hit my chin as my first shot came out. I had never been milked like that before and my orgasm was intense.

The guy I was sucking started to smear my cum all over my chest and found my nipples. He tweaked and pulled both nipples while still fucking my mouth. His cock was very large hard and I had trouble getting much more than the head in my mouth. The guy who had sucked me took his fingers out of my asshole and gently massaged my legs up to my belly. I felt my cock twitch after a couple of minutes and was starting to get hard again. Then He pushed my legs up a bit and I felt something much larger than a finger against my asshole. I'd never been fucked in the ass before but when he pushed his cock in I relaxed and felt him fill me up.

He started to fuck me slow and deep as the cock in my mouth pushed in deeper with each thrust. I don't swallow and made it clear before we had started, but at this point I didn't care. I was being fucked and was really enjoying it. The guy fucking me reached down and started stroking my cock in rhythm with his thrusts. My cock was standing up again, which it usually doesn't do a second time. Then the guy I was sucking said he was gonna cum and started to pull his cock out. I grabbed it and held it in my mouth as he started to cum. This was the first time I swallowed another man's cum and I took it all. I kept his cock in my mouth until he was hard again.

While I was sucking one cock to get him hard the guy in my ass was fucking me hard and deep now and then he started cumming. He filled my ass with more cum than I could hold. Just when he shot his last he pulled out and the cock in my mouth pulled out also. They spun me around so my head was right below the thin man's cock and my ass was at the edge of the bed. I saw the guy above me wipe his cock off and put it up to my lips. He was still dripping the last of his cum as I opened my mouth to take him in. As I got his already semi-hard cock in my mouth I felt a huge cock push against my asshole. My ass was still dripping cum so it made for good lube and his cock slipped in easily as it spread my asshole wide. With each thrust he brushed against my prostate and my cock twitched each time.

We fucked and sucked like this for about 15 minutes and without even touching my cock I started to cum again. My jaw was starting to get a little stressed now so I reached around and shoved a finger in the asshole of the guy I was sucking. He was saying, "Oh, fuck yeah. Finger fuck that ass." I shoved a second finger in and that did it. He started cumming and I swallowed it all. He got soft and pulled his cock out of my mouth. He laid next to me and started to kiss me. Our tongues explored each other's mouth. It wasn't long and the big man fucking me pulled me all the way onto his cock and started to cum. His nuts held a lot and I felt it all as it squirted out past his cock.

After we rested a few minutes they offered to help me shower to wash the cum off and out of me. In the shower their hands were all over me and a soapy finger washed my ass out as a mouth sucked me to a third orgasm. I had never cum three times in one session before and only a few drops came out, but it was the feeling of an orgasm that made my knees weak. I was finally clean inside and out and they dried me off. They made me feel special and we've met regularly for the last two years. It's so good that I really don't give a fuck anymore if my wife finds out or not.