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I've been at this for about 36 years. Sucking cock, that is. I've been successful at hiding from my wife the fact that I like sucking cock. Most people probably think that the thin, well built younger guys are the ones to look for. But I'm here to tell you that it's the big fat older man to go after if it's all about the cock. Younger well built men are too wrapped up in how they look whereas the older fat guy is only concerned with cock.

Almost all of the older fat men I've been with take my cock all the way in and usually end up tickling my pubes with their mouth. Surprisingly a lot of the fat men have very thick cocks. But it truly isn't about the size. Most of these older guys will suck any size cock and I've yet to have one not swallow my cum.

I remember the first man I sucked. He was big and fat. He took my cock all the way and even finger fucked me while he made me cum. Then I sucked him. His cock wasn't very big and I could get it all in my mouth. I even swallowed his cum and shoved my finger into his asshole just before he came. Ever since that first time I've been hooked. I've found that a five inch cock is the perfect size for my mouth. I can get it all in and work it any way he wants. It's better if it's thick as it fills my entire mouth but thick or not I'll still suck it. Five inches is also not too big to fuck me satisfactorily.

So whatever your preference, keep it all about the cock and you can't go wrong.