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My husband was out of town and I was a little lonely so I asked Kay and Jan if they wanted to do something fun like camping. We have a short winnebago and often just go somewhere and park for the night. They said okay so we met at my house and took off. We went to the local park and paid the fair for the night. After a few beers we got a little loose and started talking about our sex lives.

Talk got around to whether or not ay of us had made it with another girl. Kay and Me had not but Jan said she did in college. When we asked what it was like she got up and moved her chair next to mine. "Here, let me show you," she said. She had her chair next to me but facing the other way. She grabbed my head and kissed me. It was a surprise but was nice. Her lips were soft and when she pushed her tongue in my mouth I responded. We kissed for about a minute and when I opened my eyes Kay was sitting on the other side of me watching us kiss. I was a little embarrassed but kind of turned on. Kay looked at my mouth as we broke the kiss and on a whim I turned to kiss her. We swapped spit for a few seconds and I felt one of Jan's hands on my tit. It felt good so I didn't move her away.

Jan suggested we go inside the trailer. As soon as the door was closed Jan started stripping. Her nipples were huge and I couldn't help but stare at them. She moved closer and took my blouse off. Then she reached around and unclipped my bra and took it off. Her hands found my tits and rubbed her palm on my nipples. I leaned forward and kissed her. With her hands working my nipples I felt Kay unbutton my pants and push them down to the floor. I stepped out of them and my panties came next. I was guided to the bed in the back. Jan laid me on my back and crawled on top of me. We were making out when Kay lifted my legs and I felt her tongue on my pussy.

Jan then turned around so we were in a 69 position. Her pussy lowered down to my mouth and I stuck my tongue out. She tasted great and I dug in, tongue fucking her as she went to work on my pussy as well. Then I felt Kay start to tongue my asshole. This was the greatest fucking feeling I ever had. It wasn't long and I was cumming. As she felt my orgasm start, Kay took her tongue out of my pussy, shoved two fingers in me and sucked on my clit. All I could say was, "Oh, fuck that's good." I renewed my efforts on her pussy and used my fingers as well as my tongue.

About the time I had my second orgasm Kay took her mouth off of my asshole and shoved a finger in. I had never had anything in my ass before but this brought me to the most intense orgasm I ever had. Jan worked on my pussy for the next 30 minutes and by the time I had my fourth orgasm I was spent.

We all slept naked that night and resumed our sexual activities first thing in the morning. About an hour into our session Jan reached into her bag and pulled out a double dildo. We were fucking each other with that big rubber cock and I was sucking on Kay's pussy. She tasted almost as good as Jan did. That afternoon we finally got dressed and headed home.

I couldn't wait for my husband to get home, and the first night he was there I gave him the most mind-blowing blowjob I could. I even swallowed for him. The big difference was that I shoved my pussy in his face and ordered him to tongue fuck me. He was surprised at this new attitude but loved every minute of it. "Honey," he said. "That was the greatest thing you've ever done. Whatever prompted you to do that, I want you to keep doing." Little did he know...