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I was at the bar the other night. My wife was out of town and I got thirsty so I meandered downtown to get a drink. Another man sat next to me at the bar and we chatted a little. The conversation turned to our women and sex in general. He then asked, "So, what's the weirdest sex you've ever had?" I asked him if he really wanted to know and he said yes. So here was my story.

I was a freshman in college and 19 years old. I had never had sex but jerked off quite frequently and seemed to reload my nuts about three times a day. I was supposed to meet Matt and Dave at Matt's house for a movie. When I got there a woman answered the door. I asked if Matt was home and she invited me inside. I waited for a while and she finally said that they already left. "Well, fuck," I said and turned toward the door. She put her hand on my arm and turned me around. She was okay looking for an older lady. She looked me in the eye and kissed me. I wasn't sure what to do but I could feel my cock start to grow. I responded to her kiss. Her tongue was like a little cock in my mouth and as we kissed she reached down and undid my pants and let them drop.

We broke the kiss and she knelt down and slid my shorts down and off of me. I was naked from the waste down. She leaned in and took my growing cock in her mouth. I had not had a girl or woman suck my cock before either so it wasn't long and I was rock hard. Her hand reached under me and caressed my nuts and eventually slid her finger back to my asshole. I hadn't cum yet when she turned me around and spread my ass cheeks. I felt her tongue on my asshole. She guided me to the floor onto my hands and knees and resumed tonguing my ass. She reached under and started stroking my cock while tongue fucking me.

I was rather enjoying it when she took her tongue away from my asshole. Then I felt her kneel behind me and shove something in my ass. I looked back and got the surprise of my life. He took his wig off and I realized it was Matt's dad, not his mom. He had shoved his cock in my ass. I was surprised it didn't really hurt much as he started to fuck me. "Oh, fuck," I said as he rammed his cock in my asshole as far as far as he could. As he fucked me he reached around and grabbed my cock. It was still hard. I didn't fight him as it felt good. I was the first to cum and he kept stroking me until he finally came inside me.

As I told this story to the guy at the bar I noticed he was stroking his own cock through his pants. He was also staring at my cock which was starting to twitch. "So, did you suck his cock?" he asked. "No," I said and he said, "follow me." He got up and I followed him outside. He walked over to his king cab truck and told me to get in. I crawled in the passengers side and he sat behind the wheel. "Why are we here?" I asked. "Because you're going to suck my cock," he said and proceeded to undo his pants. I still had never sucked a man before but had kind of wanted to. His cock was pretty big, much bigger than mine. I decided now was as good a time as any so I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. It was heavenly as I sucked him to full erection. I wasn't thinking about anything beyond getting him hard until he put his hand on the back of my head and started cumming. I willingly let him cum in my mouth and started swallowing. I liked it. He held my head down until I had sucked him clean and he had no more.

He pushed me away and told me we were done. I was humiliated and excited at the same time. Even though he didn't return the favor I went home and jerked off two times that night and twice more the next day. That night I returned to the bar looking for him. After sitting there for an hour he finally came through the door. There was another man with him. This guy was huge. He was at least 6'4" tall with a huge belly and I could see the outline of a major cock heading down his left leg. They came over and the big guy said, "Tom here says you give the best head in town. Let's go," he said and turned to walk out. I dutifully followed.