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I had to go out of town for training for my job. It was at a University in another state, so when I checked in to my room I got on my laptop and looked for cruising spots. About three miles away there was a park that one could possibly get hooked up. I drove through the park and went through a second time. I found a parking area and walked over to a picnic table. About 15 minutes later another car pulled in next to me.

The guy got out and walked over to my table. We chatted a bit. He was about six inches taller than me and quite a bit heavier. He went over to a nearby tree and took a piss and when he walked back his cock was hanging out through the opening in his pants. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere and play. I said sure and he followed me back to my hotel room.

As soon as we walked in he said, "Just to be straight, I'm a total top." I shook my head and he told me to strip. My little cock didn't compare to his. He had me undress him and as soon as I had his clothes off he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. His cock was a true seven inches and thick. I stared at it for a few seconds and he pulled my head closer. I opened my mouth and he put his cock on the tip of my tongue. I closed my mouth around it and he started to fuck my mouth. He was a fucking stud compared to me. I'm no pussy but felt like a little girl next to him. After he was hard he pulled out of my mouth and laid on the bed. He told me to get on the bed and suck him, and while I was sucking him to jerk off myself.

I sucked him for about 10 minutes and he said he was gonna cum and I better swallow it all. He had a huge fucking load. I swallowed as much as I could and he told me to keep sucking. Another 20 minutes and he was getting hard again. When he was fully erect he told me to sit on it. "I've never done that," I said. "Too fucking bad. Now sit on my cock!" he ordered. I was a little nervous but I mounted him and put his cock up to my asshole. He thrust up quickly and his slippery cock found its way into my asshole. I grunted with a little pain, but was able to take it. He was about halfway in and said, "Now sit," and I sat. His large nuts were touching my ass now.

He just laid there and told me to finish jerking off while I bounced up and down on his cock. I did and was cumming inside two minutes. He told me to clean it up, so I scooped my cum off of his belly and licked my hand cleaned. He fucked me like this for another 15 minutes and told me to get off. I did and he positioned me on my back with my ass hanging off the end. He grabbed my ankles and pushed them up in the air. His cock went back up to my asshole and he entered me. He fucked me like this for about 10 minutes and pulled me in as close as possible. He started cumming for the second time. When he was nearly done he pulled out quickly, wiped his cock off with my t-shirt and quickly hopped on the bed. He straddled my chest with my arms pinned at my sides and put his cock up to my lips. Apparantly he wasn't finished. As I opened my mouth to take him in he finished cumming. Then he had me suck him until he was totally clean.

He finally pulled his cock out and got dressed. He just said, "Thanks for the cunt," as he walked out the door. It was truly the best fucking sex with a man I'd ever had and it was at that moment I realized I was a total bottom and have craved sex ever since.