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I had always kept it a secret. I didn't have any sisters and didn't hang around with girls much when I was younger and was now very curious about girls. Eventually I became turned on and curious about girl's clothes and tried a few things on. I loved the feel if it and loved the fact that it was so taboo. I was very careful to never be seen wearing anything girly but started taking more and more chances in public. Finally I had no choice, one way or another I had to let a girl see me wearing something feminine. It bothered me for weeks but finally I had a plan. It had to be something that I couldn't back out of. I practiced it until I had it perfect then headed out to do it. I went to a different town, at the beach actually. I wore a loose, very short sleeved shirt and a bra. I went through a drive thru window and ordered some food. I knew that she would hand me my drink after I gave her the money, then bring my change and food. It worked perfectly. I gave her the money in exchange for my drink. As practiced,I put the drunk in the cup holder and while she stood right there watching, my bra strap fell off of my shoulder into plain view on my arm. I had to leave it or pull it up. Either way it would draw attention. Of course she was only about three feet away and saw it perfectly. Her face lit up. Her eyes where glued to my bra strap and she got a giant smile on her face. She handed me the change and went for the bag of food but desperately tried to get the attention of the other girls. Finally she handed me the bag and couldn't contain her laughter. As she started to laugh I blushed as much as she was and pulled up the strap but let it fall again as I drove off. I heard her squeal out loud and tell the other girls. It was perfect. Just what I needed.