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After Andie went back to my MIL's room, I sat at my desk with my cock out playing with it while watching a white guy fucking a black girl with long hard strokes on the computer. I was thinking when she comes back out I will be doing that to her.

When she appeared in the door way of my office my cock was rock hard and standing straight up. As she came over to me, she said, "we don't have much time" and was pulling her pants and panties off. When she got to me she was naked from the waist down. She spun around and put that big beautiful round ass right in my face. As she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her pussy and ass hole, I just dove in and started licking and tonguing her pussy and ass. It was wonderful. She was bucking her ass into me and moaning letting me know I was doing a good job.

After I had her real good and wet she sat down on my lap. And with one motion she reached down between her legs and guided my cock straight into heaven. It felt amazing as my cock disappeared into her hot tight pussy. I was sitting there with my legs spread and she was riding my cock as I watched my big white cock disappear and reappear from her little pink hole. I reached down and inserted my thumb into her ass, this really got her going and within a minute she started shuttering and came all over my dick. As soon as she stopped cumming, she raised up off my cock and then guided it into her ass. As it entered her I thought I was going to cum right then, but somehow I held off and when I was balls deep in her ass, I pulled her back to me and told her not to move or I would cum. I slid my hands up under her shirt and bra and found her nipples. As she removed her shirt and bra, I was pinching and teasing her nipples and started kissing her back. She was moaning as I pinched her nipples and after a while she started moving her ass to make us start fucking. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer so I picked her up as I stood up and pushed her over my desk and started fucking her ass like a mad man. She was moaning and orgasming as I shot my load deep into her ass. We just stayed there as my dick went limp and fell out of her ass, my cum following and ran down her pussy lips. She stayed there a couple more minutes composing herself.

She then stood up and said, "thanks I needed that" as she leaned down and gave me a kiss.

As she dressed, she told me that next time she would bring some of her toys and we would have a really good time. I told her, I will fuck your beautiful black ass anytime she wanted.

Since then, we have fucked three more times, the last time I came in her pussy and she got a little mad because she said she wasn't on BC. I didn't really care, if she is pregnant then I will gladly help take care of it with her.