Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




I was inside my seven-foot long rubber-lined bag, masturbating, with it tied tight round my neck, keeping the two small breathing holes in place at my nostrils, and the small zipper right over my mouth, when there came a knock on the door of the apartment. I froze, silent, waiting for whoever it was to leave. Instead, with muttered curses, the fat slob of a landlord used his pass-key and let himself in! He laughed evilly as he caught sight of me, and as I started to pull the bag up to extricate myself, he hauled it back down, all the way and tied it under my feet with a length of rope sticking out of my bondage-gear holdall. Now, I had the zipper tight shut at my mouth, leaving me an exciting shortage of air, with only the two small holes - certainly not enough for the luxury of speech! "You dirty little pervert! You knew I was due for that leak-check we talked about, and you did this so I would find you like this! I guess you get off on humiliation! You look SO fucking ridiculous! Gotta get some photos of this! Okay, well, what's next? It worked! I'm here and you're in there! So what the fuck were you expecting now?" The truth was I had clean forgotten about the appointment, and had no clue what to do next, with my very limited options! "Speak up!" he snapped. "What the fuck are you looking for?" I managed a muffled "Mmmmmmmmffffffff!" sound and he laughed nastily. "Looks like I'll have to decide! Okay, I've decided to just go back downstairs, and leave you to it!" He began to head for the door. I tried desperately to communicate, but I guess only the desperation got through! He stopped, and said amiably "Geez, I guess I'm to take that as a request to stay and keep you company! It's gonna cost you though, shit-for-brains! I know you got no money - you can hardly pay the goddam rent! So, here's the way it's gonna go! You suck my dick, and if I enjoy it enough, I might just undo what I did! Deal? Quick! Or I'm leaving! Check on you in a few days, maybe......" I nodded exaggerated nods, and made what sounds I could, and he laughed, and rearranged me on my knees, on a pillow beside the sofa, then unzipped me, and rammed himself instantly into my mouth before I could make a sound! I was straight, had never had ANY contact with my own gender, and was repelled by the forced intrusion. When I didn't do much of anything, he grabbed my head and began thrusting himself in and out, slowly and deeply, with me totally unable to prevent this happening. Now it had always been a fantasy of mine to BE tied up in my bag, but I had always pictured a blonde cheerleader, not a fat, greasy male many years older than me. But there was absolutely nothing I could do, and to my shame, my healthy body began to respond like gangbusters, putting a pyramid in the rubber, at the other zipper! That did not go unnoticed, and he picked up the pace, and soon a jet of hot strangely-flavored gunk hit me in the back of the throat, causing a gag/swallow reaction! I thought I was going to throw up! He withdrew then, and quickly resealed me into silence, then unzipped the other opening, so that my goodies all burst out into full view. "Nice package" he giggled, and closed the zipper tight around my roots, leaving me exposed and vulnerable. "Now the humiliation REALLY starts! You might even enjoy it at first, but believe me it won't take long for you to be desperate for me to stop, while knowing all the time that will be the very LAST thing on my mind!" So saying, he began to caress my swollen testicles, with such delicacy I knew an arousal I had never even dreamed possible! For what seemed hours, that was all he did, never touching my cock, and my torment grew ever more intense! Then he opened the top zipper, allowing me precious air, and began to question me harshly, crushing my balls in his grasp when I hesitated to answer, then returning to the gossamer touch. I spilled my guts, lost in my wicked level of arousal, all common sense and even sanity, a thing of the past. I was babbling 'oh please,oh please,oh please" over and over, to his great amusement. "Please what? Stop? Don't stop? Do you even know?" I learned later he was recording the whole thing, and everything I said, much of which I had no idea I'd even s I was so desperate for him to actually take proper hold of me, I begged in the most humiliating way! Eventually he did, and then the REAL orgasm denial started! More time passed in an ecstatic agony of frustration and need, and when I finally collapsed into tears, he swiftly and almost brutally made me come! And come! And come! It seemed to go on for ever, and I think I was howling! Then he untied me, and I was in such a state of shock, I wriggled out of the dripping wet rubber, blinking in the light, to find him still filming me! "Gotcha!" he exclaimed triumphantly! "You're gonna be a BIG hit on social media!" More laughter then he said thoughtfully "Unless.........you agree to make this a daily thing! No excuses! You do whatever I want, whenever I want it, or all this goes out live, with your name and address and all your pleas for me never to stop! Your choice! You have thirty seconds!"