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I'm 36 years old. I have a nice family who live next door. A mother, father and 2 daughters. The youngest daughter is 9 and she was using my pool for a couple of months.

Anyway, during this time i managed to get her to give me a blowjob after playing games in the pool and chasing her and so on. I convinced her i could help her be just like her older sister if she did suck my cock. She agreed and she agreed not to tell anyone. I was getting her to suck me a couple times a week for about 5 or 6 weeks. Things were going well and i love her tiny mouth around my cock.

I was outback talking over the fence with her mother. I mentioned i hadn't seen her daughter for a couple of weeks and asked if she was ok. She told me she had been unwell and they had taken her to the doctors and had her checked. It turned out that she had her first period and it knocked her around a bit. She said she might come over later that afternoon and say hi.

I was shocked, but so hard knowing the tiny 9 year old was fertile. When she arrived i asked how she was and she said fine. She told me she had just learnt a few days ago about her periods and that it happens every month. She talked about her second one being about 15 days aways.

Well, i went for it and told her i could help her stop them, also making her more mature for her age. She asked how and i told her i could fuck her and put my man juice in her and it would stop her periods. She asked how and i told her it blocks her womb from ejecting her egg and makes her fertile for men. Again she asked what that means and i told her it means her body starts to mature, growing boobs and hips and maybe more.

It took some time, but i had her on my be a few hours later. I couldn't hold it and by the time my head was inside her, i pumped my first loads into her. I calmed down and when hard again i went for it. My cock very slowly worked into her tiny body. I was shocked not to find her hymen as i pushed inside. Well i finally felt myself pushing into the bottom of her pussy, and she felt it as well. I gently worked in and out until i knew i was about to blow again. I pushed in hard, making her whimper in pain a bit, but i just kept it up as i forced my last 2 inches to push deep inside her. I managed to get my entire 6 inches in her pussy. Pushed so hard inside i blew another huge load in her, holding myself as tightly inside as i could, making sure my entire load was pumped against her cervix.

I told her we should do it a few time to make sure it works and i had her another 4 times that week in my bed. I had her coming over for the next 6 weeks, sometimes i would just get a blowjob, others i would get to fuck her.

Seeing her mother after a few months, i asked where her daughter is as i hadn't seen her for a while now. It has been 3 moths since i saw her now. She said that she is away at a boarding school for young girls who get pregnant. She told me she is now almost 5 months pregnant and refused to say by who or abort the baby even with medical advice. She cried and told me she couldn't believe that her 9 year old was going to have a baby.

I have to say, that i love knowing i managed to get a tiny little 9 year old girl pregnant. It gets my going knowing the tiny girl has my baby growing inside her belly. I now want to work out how to find more girls that have started puberty at this really young age and try to help them too.