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i recently moved my 68 year old Mother in with me after my father died. He was 10 yrs older than her. I live two States over and am her only child. She still is an attractive woman. She hurt her leg recently & had to have surgery. I have to help her get around. When helping her to the bathroom to get a shower I found I was sexually attracted to her when I helped her undress so she could shower.

She likes her Bourbon so one night I made her 3 strong doubles to get her tipsy. It worked. She was in her PJs, a teddy, & I was in my sleeping shorts. I turned on a porn channel & got a ragging hard on which my Mother noticed.

I started rubbing my Mother's inner thigh & working my way up. She made no attempt to stop me. Got to her panties and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs and lay back on the couch. I pulled her panties off to play with her & finger her. She pulled my Dick out from my shorts and started stroking me. i took her back to my bed, stripped her naked, went down on her & fucked her all night. Best pussy I've ever had.

People assume we are married as I am only 15 yrs her junior and we are holding ourselves out as married. Fuck her constantly & we can't get enough of each other. Have laid more meat in her & pumped more sperm into her than my father ever did!!!! Women in her family usually make it to their early 90s so I am looking forward to many more years of erotic Incest Sex with my Mother-Wife.