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I met Art when I was 22. We dated a few times and he finally seduced me enough to touch his cock. I ended up jerking him off a few times and one night he got me a little drunk and pushed my head down onto his cock. I found that I really liked sucking it but wouldn't let him cum in my mouth. I had sucked a few cocks before him but never swallowed the boys' cum. After about the third time he asked me if I ever swallowed. I told him I don't and never will.

We were together for another year and he proposed. I really loved him and said "Yes." We were married a short time later. He had a pretty big dick and this was the first time we actually fucked. He made me cum twice and pulled his cock out of me. He laid down and said he needed me to suck him. I gladly turned around and took his cock in my mouth. He had real staying power and after about 10 minutes he wrapped his hands through my long hair and held my head down as he started cumming. I didn't swallow much but got enough to taste it. I didn't really like it but didn't hate it either.

I pulled off of him and called him a fucking bastard. Then he pulled me close and hugged me. "Honey," he said, "That was the most exciting fucking thing I've ever done. From now on I need you to take my cum in your mouth." It took about another month of sucking him almost every night until I would willingly let him cum in my mouth. I take it and swallow it all now.

We've been married for over 20 years now and I still suck his cock several times a week. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night. Occasionally I'll even suck him in the car on the freeway. I'm so good at it that when I'm done and he's drained and clean you can't even tell anything went on. And that's just how he likes it.