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11years ago, on my 38th birthday, I picked up a hitchhiker. It was the middle of the day and she wore a school uniform. She had just completed writing her exam and was on her way home. She had spent her cash at the tuck shop and did not have taxi fare. I offered to drop her at home. She reached under her gumdrop and removed her panty. Told me I could touch her if I liked. I fingered her little clit until we got to her gate. She was quite wet by now and was pressing my hand with hers and humping away.

She offered a drink and I went in with her. I sat in the lounge and she returned with a glass of coke, naked. She had firm perky tits and a hairy bush between her legs. She sucked me off while I sipped on the soft drink.

Next thing I know she's on her mom's bed writhing in orgasm as I sucked her virgin clit. I entered her and took her virginity in one firm stroke. After a while.of long steady strokes I put on a condom and fucked her hard.

She was orgasming quite loudly and I couldn't hold back any longer. She was very tight. I blew my load and as I was about to pull out of her, the bedroom door flew open.

Her ten year old brother takes one look at us and starts screaming 'rape'

I get off her and she runs naked behind him down the corridor. I found all my clothes strewn all over the floor, dressed and left while she tried to calm him down and explain that I was her lover. We continued to meet for sex for another four years until she turned eighteen and left for college. Some time later she was working at a local chicken franchise. She followed me into the bathroom and blew me off. I've never seen her again since.