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I was in the Army on my way back overseas. I was 22 and recently married. I had a layover so I got a room at a sleazy hotel just outside the back gate. I was wasting a little time walking around and a guy stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. I hopped in and he said he owned the bar in the basement of the hotel. Before we got there he sais, "You ever had your dick sucked by a man? I love sucking Army cock." I told him no. He said that was no problem and invited me down to the bar after dinner and he would buy me a drink.

After dinner I went downstairs. He brought me a drink, then another. After the fourth one he asked me again if I wanted my dick sucked. He was a big fat guy and I wasn't turned on at all. He kept bringing drinks and asking. After about the eighth one I was drunk enough and said okay. I went to my room and got undressed. He showed up a few minutes later and locked the door. He pulled me to the end of the bed so my ass was hanging off and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked so hard the base of my cock was bruised the next day but it was one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had.

When he was done I asked him if I could suck his cock. He got undressed and laid on the bed like I did. I knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock. This was the first cock I had ever sucked and it felt like I was made for it. I got him hard in no time. His nuts were huge and his cock was bigger and thicker than mine. Before I knew it he was cumming in my mouth. I tasted it and sort of liked it. I swallowed every drop of his huge load and kept sucking until he was hard again. This took a good half hour.

Before he came a second time he pulled out of my mouth and said he had something better. He laid me back on the bed and knelt down. He started licking my asshole and stroking my cock again. I felt his tongue slid in and out of my ass as he stroked me to an erection. Then he stood up. His cock was still hard and he lifted my legs up and put his cock up to my ass. He had lubed me well with his spit so when he shoved his cock in my ass it slid in nicely. I had never even thought about being fucked before but the first thrust hit my prostate and I twitched. By the tenth thrust and rubbing against my prostate I started to cum for the second time. He hadn't even touched my cock after he started fucking me. I came hard even though it wasn't a big load.

He kept fucking me for the next 20 minutes until he finally unloaded his second load into my ass. I felt the warmth of his cum sliding out of my ass and wondered if this is how a woman feels being fucked. He finally pulled out and got dressed. After he left I jerked off again just thinking about my mouth on his cock. That was 35 years ago and I still love the feel of a nice cock in my mouth, and my wife still doesn't suspect a thing.