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I was sex-crazed, at least for masturbation, or "wanking" as it was called then, at the early age of eleven, when I was in an orphanage. The manager was a fat greasy pervert, who just LOVED "diddling" little boys, and I had my share of that. I guess my attitude was positive enough for him to take a risk, and he began "renting" me out to what I didn't know were pedophiles. To be honest, I loved it, and eagerly awaited the next adventure. The elderly "caretaker" was in on it, and it was him that introduced me to the incredible delight of being tied up and "wanked to death" as he put it. So, between eleven and eighteen, I sucked more cock, took it in the rear, and was "wanked" more than any other hundred kids, I'd bet! I'm not defending these vultures, but I was fortunate enough to thrive on the treatment, which might well have traumatized other kids. Only real downside, was I grew up addicted to all this, and pursued similar interests all my adult life, being very careful not to fall into the trap of under-age partners, myself! Twenty years later, I still seek out much older single males, who want to tie me up and abuse me, in any and all fascinating ways!