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Our husbands were gone on a week long fishing trip so Wendy and I (Terri) decided to do an indoor water park. We checked in to the hotel and headed down to the water. What a blast! When we got back up to the room we each showered and put on our robes and settled down to a little TV. Wendy brought a couple bottles of wine so we took to drinking. We had nearly both bottles and I think I drank most of it.

Then she took the remote and bought a movie. I don't know the name but about two minutes into it there were two women by a pool making out and eventually licking each other to orgasm. I glanced over at Wendy and she had her hand under her robe. I went back to watching the movie and found it oddly exciting. Our suite had a couch and a recliner in the living area. I was on the couch and it wasn't long before Wendy got up and sat next to me. I was pretty drunk and sort of faded in and out of reality. I had my eyes on the two gorgeous women on the TV when I felt a hand on my thigh.

"Just relax, honey," she said. I was too drunk to fight her and kinda wanted her hand a little higher anyway. I had never has lesbian sex and had really never thought about it before but now I was curious. "Undo your robe for me," she said. I blindly followed her instructions. "Now open your legs." I did. She had a gentle touch and I felt a tingle go up my spine when her fingers spread my labia and she began to gently rub my pussy.

I never cuss but found myself saying, "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum." She took that as a sign and said, "Spread 'em, bitch. I'm gonna ruin your cunt tonight." She shoved two fingers inside me, curled them a little and hit my g-spot. "Ohhh, fuck me," I cried out and she started to finger fuck me like no man had ever done. After I had cum twice she pulled her fingers out. "More. I need more," I said. She got on the floor between my legs and said, "Tell me to lick your cunt." "Oh, fuck yeah, lick my cunt." She pushed my legs a little wider and pulled me down so my ass was at the edge of the couch. She dove in and I felt her tongue on my clit. She flicked it up and down driving me crazy. Even drunk I could feel another orgasm building.

I was almost over the edge and when I said I was gonna cum she shoved her tongue inside me and put her mouth over my whole pussy. I don't know what she did but when I started to cum I actually squirted. She didn't miss a beat but sucked it all in. When I calmed down she laid me on the couch and crawled on top of me. I had never kissed another women either but when she kissed me I responded. Her tongue slipped past my lips and I could taste my juice on her tongue. Her leg was between my legs dry humping me and the harder she pressed her leg into my pussy the more I liked it. She reached down and started to play with a nipple and that took me over the edge again. I stained the couch with as much juice I was producing.

She hopped off of me and said to just stay there. She went into the bathroom and quickly came back wearing a strap-on. It was much bigger than my husband's cock and without saying anything she knelt between my legs and shoved it in. It went in farther than I've ever felt before. She leaned over and started kissing me again. I think I was doing all the work now, working that rubber cock in and out of my pussy. I had cum two more times when she got off of me and sat in the chair with her robe open. "Get over here, bitch and eat my cunt," she demanded. I crawled over to her and put my tongue on her shaved pussy. It was fantastic. I loved the smell and the taste of her as I tongue fucked her as well as I could. I even made her cum, which I didn't think I could do.

She had me lay down on the floor and she got in a 69 position with me. I have a hard time getting my husband to lick me but Wendy was hungry for it. She was on top and we were tongue fucking each other. We each came a couple more times and she crawled off of me and turned around. We were now face to face. "Tell me you liked it." I did. "Tell me you love licking my cunt." I said, "I love licking your cunt." She giggled. "Now tell me you'd fuck me every day if you could." I said that too. "Now, bitch, tell me you're nothing but a fucking lesbian cunt licking whore." "I'm nothing but a fucking lesbian cunt licking whore." We both giggled at that and went back to kissing.

We spent the next two days either at the water park or in bed licking, fingering and fucking each other. She was even able to work a couple of fingers in my asshole as she tongued me to one orgasm after another. That was the greatest fucking weekend I've ever had and we've been lovers ever since.