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I have been coaching gymnastics for 15 years. I have never done anything before but this time i was just compelled to act.

I have a young 11 year old girl who i coach privately 1 night a week for 3 hours. She is just the cutest girl i have ever seen. really long blonde hair, tiny short girl, super tight little body, nice bubble butt and nice budding small breasts. Tonight she came and her mother said she was going to come back as she needed to go get some shopping and go to the chemist. I agreed and she left.

We started training warm ups and she seemed little distracted. I asked if she was ok and she told me that she was fine, but feel a bit funny as she just found out from her mother that she was having her first ovulation.

Well this just got me instantly. I got her up and we had a chat sitting on a training block. I told her we could just rest or if she wanted we could train. Anyway i sweet talked her and told her that the best way to feel better during ovulation was to orgasm. It took me a few goes but i got her to let me show her. I put her in a leaning over position over the block, so her head was hanging right over. Without wasting time i made sure she knew i was going to touch her and i went right for it. I pulled her leotard gusset open and i slowly pushed my cock into her. Thankfully she didn't have a hymen to break due to her gymnastics stretching.

She asked me a few times if this was ok and safe and that i wasn't putting a baby in her. I told her it was fine and went right in. I fucked for hard for only 3 or 4 minutes until her tight pussy had me. I blew so hard inside her, pumping everything i had into her cervix, pulling and holding her hips tight against me.

By the time she was picked up tonight, she had her leotard back in place, but you could clearly see her crotch was soaking wet and that the mess was loads of white cum leaking from her pussy. I had blown 5 times in her before i covered her pussy and got her to do a few vaults, making sure my loads were really stirred around inside her cervix. She put her skirt on over her leotard and her mother couldn't see she was leaking when she left.

I know i shouldn't have, but knowing i was impregnating an 11 year old girl who was fully fertile and ovulating right at the time i fucked her full seed was just the most amazing feeling.