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She said she needed a slave for the night. My wife was out of town for the week and I was sitting at the bar chatting with this large breasted woman when she said it. Then she asked me if I wanted to be her slave. I was a little drunk and horny so I thought it might be fun. She had me follow her to her place and as soon as we got inside she said the game starts now. I was to follow her directions completely and would be punished if I didn't. I agreed.

She had me strip and leave my clothes by the front door. Then she put a collar and leash on me and had me get on all fours. My cock was almost hard by now. She walked behind me and kicked me in the nuts just hard enough to make my cock shrink. I was not to get an erection unless she allowed it. She led me to a set of stairs and gingerly led me into her basement. Near the back wall was one of the old time stocks where the head and arms go in and the top closes down over them. She led me over to them and had me stand. She put my head and arms in and lowered the top and locked it into place. So far, so good. I was bent over quite a bit but manageable.

She walked in front of me and knelt down. "You like eating pussy?" she asked. "Fuck yeah," I responded. "You ever eat a stranger's pussy?" "No," I said. "You ready for a real treat?" she asked. I just shook my head yes. She pulled a blindfold out of her back pocked and put it on me. I couldn't see a thing. "Now, you have to be gentle. If I even get a hint that you're going to hurt me I'll beat your nuts until you wished you were dead, got it?" I shook my head. I heard her take her clothes off. Then she said, "Okay, cunt, open your mouth." I did and felt a cock being shoved in. This wasn't a woman, it was a man with tits. "Now suck it" he said. I was afraid not to. I was helpless to get away and had never sucked a cock before. "Suck it like a vacuum" he said. I put my lips around his cock and he started to mouth fuck me. His cock felt a lot bigger than mine. He pulled out before he came. I was thankful for that.

Then he walked around the back of me and started to play with my ass. "If this turns you on you may get hard." One slippery finger went in and he finger fucked me for a bit, then put a second finger in. I tried to relax. He pulled his fingers out and shoved his cock in. That hurt a bit but not as bad as I thought it would. In about five minutes I felt his warm cum squirt inside me. It oozed out past his cock and onto my nuts. I could tell my cock was hard as he pulled his cock out. He walked around to the front and shoved his cum soaked cock back in my mouth. "You liked that, didn't you cunt?" he asked. I mumbled yes with his cock in my mouth. "Suck the rest of my cum out of me." I did the best I could and found it oddly exciting. "Suck me until I'm hard again," he said.

It took about 15 minutes but I finally felt his cock respond. My jaw was a little sore but I was enjoying sucking my first cock. And the taste of his cum was actually pretty good. Before he could cum again he pulled his cock out of my mouth. "You need more practice. Leg me go get my strap-on and you can suck it all night if you want." A minute later he was standing in front of me and said, "Tell me how much you love sucking my cock." "I really love sucking your cock," I said. "Did you like me ass fucking you?" "Oh, fuck yeah. That was awesome." I felt the rubber cock at my lips. I opened my mouth and the biggest rubber cock I could imagine was in my mouth. I couldn't get very much of it in but I just pretended it was a real cock and did the best I could. I sucked it for about five minutes and it was gone.

I then felt it at my ass. "You want this cock in your ass?" I responded, "Shove that cock in my man cunt. Fuck me like a whore." The cock went in and began to fuck me. To my surprise I heard him from in front of me. "Now suck my cock while my partner fucks you." I never heard another person come in but eagerly opened my mouth for his cock. I sucked him hard and five minutes later he asked, "You want me to cum in your mouth." I mumbled in the affirmative. "Come here, honey," he said and I felt the cock pull out of my ass. I felt empty. I heard footsteps walk around to the front. "I want you to see just what a cum sucking cunt this little boy is." He pulled his cock out and told me to open up. I did and waited. About 30 seconds later I tasted the first shot of his cum on my tongue. After about three more he shoved his cock back in my mouth and told me to clean him up.

I sucked him clean. I wanted to keep sucking when he finally pulled his cock out. I heard them kissing and he said, "Here, let him clean out your ass." I felt an ass back up to my face and I stuck my tongue out and began to tongue fuck this stranger. I found this even more erotic than sucking cock. I licked her asshole and tongue fucked her for about 10 minutes and she pulled away. "It's time to meet the woman who's been fucking you and watching you become a cum sucking sissy faggot." She took the blindfold off and I was staring up at my wife. "You Bitch!" She hadn't gone out of town after all. "No, you're the bitch," she said. "And from now on you're my slave or this video is going all over facebook and I'll even send it to your boss."

She had me. I was in shackles and couldn't get away and had to watch her get fucked by this man/woman with a bigger cock than mine. Just before he came he pulled out of her and put his cock back up to my lips. He didn't produce a lot but it was enough to show the humiliation.

A month later he moved in with us. I now sleep on the floor and clean the cum out of her whenever they fuck, which is a lot. Once a week I get to masturbate, but only if I eat all of my cum. I hated it at first but have come to enjoy being a cock sucker and cum sucker to the both of them.