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I was 26 when I got out of prison. The first night out I met this good looking white bitch at the bar. We hooked up and had been fucking for about six months. She was almost a foot shorter than my 6'4" inch frame, but had a nice round ass and big titties. Just how I like it. She was in her mid 40's and finally confessed she was married. She said her husband, Terry was a small man with a tiny cock and couldn't please her anymore. I didn't have a job yet so we discussed me moving in with them. She couldn't see how it could be, though. Terry had no idea she was fucking someone else. Then I came up with a plan to make him our bitch.

He had a 4 day weekend so we set it up. She talked him into getting a little kinky that Thursday night. When she called me in from the garage he was sitting on the floor naked with his hands handcuffed behind him. "What the hell is this?" he asked her. "From now on," she said, "you're our bitch and will do anything we say." When he started to protest I slapped him across the cheek. That shook him to the core. "The first order of business is to suck my cock." I took my clothes off and walked in front of him. He had his mouth shut tight. When I told him to open up he clamped his lips down even harder. I kicked him in the nuts just hard enough to get his attention. "Open your fucking mouth or I'll rip your nuts off."

He slowly opened his mouth and I put my cock in about half way. "Now, you be a good little cunt and suck it." I was soon mouth fucking him. I have been blessed with the ability to stay hard without cumming for a long time and can cum multiple times a day. He sucked me for about 10 minutes and I said, "You want my cum in your mouth or your ass?" When he didn't say anything I added, "Make a choice or I'll fill both holes." He didn't respond right away and I didn't say anything more. I fucked his mouth for another five minutes and didn't warn him when I started to cum. I filled his fucking mouth until he was coughing and sputtering. Even after I was through cumming I kept my cock in his mouth until I was hard again.

I pulled my cock out and said to Debbie, "I need something to lube up this man cunt. Any ideas?" She looked at him and said, "Yeah. My pussy is wet. I think that'll do nicely." I laid on the floor and she stripped. Then she mounted my cock, all the while looking at him. I saw tears start to form in his eyes. She bounced up and down on my cock for about five minutes then hopped off. I told him to lay down. When I raised my hand to him he slumped to the floor on his back. I lifted his legs and in one motion shoved my cock all the way into his asshole. He squirmed from the pain and tried to pull away. I fucked him long and hard. He begged, cried, tried to reason with both of us but in the end he was resigned to the fact he was being butt fucked. I noticed his little cock was sticking straight up as I fucked him. He started cumming before I did.

I didn't stop until I filled his ass with my load. I pulled my cock out of his ass and straddled his chest. I made him open up and clean my cock off completely. After three days of him sucking my cock and being fucked he was broken. He did anything we said and by the time he was ready to go back to work he was our bitch completely. To test him I drove him to work that Tuesday morning. As soon as we got into his car I pulled my cock out and told him he was to suck me and take my entire load by the time we got to his work. I had a blast on the freeway as people drove by us and watched him sucking my cock. He took it all and I didn't even soil my underwear.

Now he sleeps on the floor at the foot of our bed and is my alarm clock. He sucks my cock to wake me up every morning. This has gone on for four years now with no end in sight. I will admit he is a good provider.