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i answered an ad on craigslist for a man that wanted to talk dirty about incest. we got to talking and eventually he showed me some nude pics of his daughter in the bath. he then offered her to me for 500 dollars for one. i got up early, went over to his place in the next town over, gave him the cash, and he said he would be back at nine at night and left. i immediately took her into a bathroom, locked the door and undressed her. she's two. i spent all day rubbing, licking and grinding on her tiny body. around eight i knew i needed to finish up so i did. i fucked her as long as i could stand it, but it couldn't have been more than twenty minutes. i pulled out, got dressed and left her on the tile floor, tied up with duct tape, bleeding and screaming. just as her father requested it. that was yesterday. i jost got a text from him telling how hot he was when he found her. he said for 300 every time, i can use her to my hearts content. i'm going back tomorrow. but now he wants to listen from behind a door while. cums. and at some point, he wants to watch me fuck his baby girl.