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We've been married for 30 years and I have been sneaking behind her back sucking as much cock as I could. One Friday night when she was at her sister's house I met a guy on-line who was organizing a group for that night. When I arrived he handed me a mask at the door. It was a night time sleeping mask and when I put it on I couldn't see a thing. Here were the rules he said, "Everyone is blindfolded. We all strip and the smallest cock is the hub." That's all he said.

I stripped and he led me to the couch. I couldn't tell how many of us there were and I couldn't see any of them but when he announced the hub I was it. Apparently I had the smallest cock in the room. He led me to a bench and laid me on my stomach. He pulled my arms down and fastened them to the base. I sensed someone in front of me and he put his cock up to my lips. I opened my mouth and he stuck it in. It felt huge in my mouth and was uncut. He started to mouth fuck me and his cock grew, filling my mouth. Then I felt a couple pairs of hands on my ass cheeks. They rubbed and squeezed my ass and eventually I felt a tongue on my asshole. He slobbered my ass up getting it nice and wet. I had never been fucked in the ass and didn't expect to, so when I felt a cock being shoved in my hole it hurt like a bitch. They didn't seem to care.

I felt my ass being split apart and was trying to push him out. That seemed to turn him on more and he fucked me faster and deeper. About that time the guy in my mouth shuddered and filled my mouth with his cumm. He had a huge load and most of it dripped out of my mouth. He finally pulled out and within seconds another took his place. This cock wasn't quite as big and he lasted a lot longer. I must have sucked him for 20 minutes before he came in my mouth. I was on my fourth guy in my ass by this time. Each filled my ass up with his load and I was dripping cumm done on my nuts and onto the floor.

By the time we were done for the night I must have sucked at least 8 guys and got at least as many cumshots in my ass. When I was let up everyone was gone. I have no idea who any of them were, but to my utter surprise my wife was sitting in the recliner with her fingers in her cunt. "Well, fag, I suspected you liked cock and now I know. Now get over and lick this cumm out of my pussy." I was totally humiliated and embarrassed to know she saw the whole thing. "John here was ballsy enough to tell me about you and we set this whole thing up just to see."

I knelt between her legs and lapped up all the cumm she could give me. That started my transformation from the man of the house to houseboy, sucking every cock that fucked her and cleaning the cumm from her cunt anytime another man shot his load into her. She made me quit my job and began pimping me out and we make more money now than ever before. She doesn't let me fuck her anymore and I spend most days with a plug in my asshole. We have many repeat customers but I've never seen one of them as I am blindfolded whenever she has another man around.

I am her sissy and have loved the last three years sucking and fucking anybody and everybody she brings over. I love her all the more for it and hope to continue this for many years to come.