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My girlfriend of two years is pretty kinky. She likes to tease other men and in the bedroom she makes bets with me for sexual stuff. One night I won the bet and got to fuck her in the ass. She hated it but we decided a bet is a bet and will be paid.

A couple of months ago she wanted to go to a bar she knew of. It was an all orientation bar. There were gays, straights, C/Ds, T/Vs and every type of person you could imagine. We were both a little drunk and she wanted to make a bet. Whichever of us could entice a member of the opposite sex to call either of us "honey," the loser would have to perform oral sex on that person. We were pretty sure they would be willing.

It took about five minutes and we were standing at the bar when a tall fat black man brushed against her and said, "Oh, excuse me honey." I thought she was gonna cum right there. She turned to him and explained that her boyfriend (me) had lost a bet and would be willing to suck his cock. He just smiled at me and shook his head. He said he had a van in the parking lot that was designed for sex. "Okay, you made your point," I said. "You don't have to make me do this. I'm not gay." She pinched my cheek and said, "Sorry, but a bet is a bet no matter what." She took my hand and we followed the guy out. "What the fuck am I gonna do now?" I muttered under my breath. She must have heard me and said, "I'll tell you what the fuck you're gonna do. You're gonna give this man the best blowjob in town." She looked stern and I was resigned to my part in this little game.

The van was nice. The back seats had been removed and was very plush with nice carpeting and a thin mattress on the floor of the van. The windows were tinted so nobody could peek in. He took his pants and shirt off and laid down. "Come on, bitch, start sucking," he said. His cock looked pretty big compared to mine. I knelt down between his legs. He smelled a little musty but I was compliant and took his cock in my mouth. It was the first cock I'd ever sucked. In no time I had his cock hard as a fucking rock and it was much bigger than mine would ever be. After a couple of minutes my girl reached down and felt my crotch, commenting on how hard my own cock was. She undid my pants and pulled them and my undies down around my ankles. She grabbed my cock and was gently stroking me. I realized sucking this guy's cock did make me hard.

We went on like this for another 10 minutes with her edging me off and on. Then he pushed my head off of his cock and told me to turn around. "Why?" I said. He looked at her and said, "Nobody leaves here without getting fucked." I looked at her and she said, "Consider it a bonus for being suck a little sissy cocksucker." She helped him turn me around. I really didn't want to do this but he was very strong and I couldn't fight him.

They finally got me turned around and got my pants all the way off. I was on all fours facing away from him when he scooted forward and shoved a wet finger up my ass. The I felt a second finger and was being stretched to the limit. Soon the pain was gone and each time he thrust his fingers in he hit my prostate making my cock jump. Then he took his fingers out and I felt his cock at my asshole. Surprisingly I was looking forward to his cock in my ass. He spread my cheeks a little and worked his cock in until his balls were touching me. He waited until I was relaxed and started to slowly fuck me. She had her hand down her slacks and was masturbating while her man was getting fucked. He was a real stud. He lasted for a good half hour. My cock stayed hard the whole time while he was fucking me. I felt him explode inside me and my cum was oozing out of my ass past his cock and down onto my nuts. His cum really lubed me up and I was getting harder as he continued to fuck me. He never got soft. He fucked me for another five minutes and said it was my girlfriend's turn.

She stripped so fast I thought she would rip something. They moved me to the side and she laid on her back and pulled her legs up. "Oh, yeah. Fuck me with that monster." He didn't hesitate as he rammed his massive cock in her cunt. She came almost immediately. He fucked her for the next half hour and she came at least five times that I noticed. She said if I needed to cum I could jerk myself because after this she wasn't gonna fuck me anymore. Humiliated I sat there and jerked off. Just as I was about to cum he said, "You spill a drop on my carpet and I'll beat you until you wish you were dead." I couldn't hold back anymore and came in my hand. I looked around for something to wipe it on. He saw me looking and said, "You better clean it off yourself, or else." He left it at that and resumed pumping away in her. I put my hand up to my mouth and licked all the cum off of my hand. Again, surprisingly I liked it.

He saw that I enjoyed it and pulled his cock out of her. "Now get down here and finish what you started." I laid on my back and he bent over me with his cock at my mouth. When I put his cock in my mouth I could taste her juices. I sucked him for about five minutes and without warning he started cumming. His nuts were huge and he carried a big load, even this second time. I swallowed every drop. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him clean.

Then she turned to me and said, "I think I'm gonna stay here tonight. You get out and leave me and my new lover alone." That was the night we broke up. I was broken hearted at first, but discovered I liked cock so much that I didn't need her anymore. Now I come to this bar every chance I get and whenever a guy says anything to me I explain that I just lost a bet and had to suck his cock it he would let me. It hasn't failed yet and now I get cock nearly every time I walk in there.