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My husband passed away when I was 35 and my daughter was 12. I never thought of myself as a lesbian until my daughter really started developing. We were close and talked about everything. When she was a junior she would talk about the two girls at school who were always kissing in the hallway. I asked her if she was gay and she said she wasn't sure.

One Friday night I opened a bottle of wine and decided to share it with her. She readily accepted. When we finished the bottle she was pretty drunk and I was a bit tipsy. "Honey," I said, "Do you think you'll ever want to kiss a girl?" She said she had thought about it but was kind of scared to try in. I had her sit next to me on the couch. I was in my nightgown and she in her bathrobe. Without saying anything I turned her head toward me and gently kissed her on the lips. She closed her eyes and when I broke the kiss she stayed right there like she was expecting it again. I kissed her again and after the third kiss I slipped my tongue past her lips. Her eyes were still closed but she responded.

This was new for both of us. I opened her robe and gazed at her beautiful full breasts with large areolas and big nipples. I ran a finger gently around one nipple and it got hard. I went a step further and slid my hand down her belly and onto her pussy. She opened her legs for me and leaned in to kiss me. I gently ran my finger up and down over her clit and noticed how wet she was. I massaged her lips in my finger and thumb and finally put a finger inside her. I worked her pussy like I do myself. She was soon moaning and I could tell she was cumming. She then slumped back half asleep.

That was the first of many nights we shared each other's bodies. Ultimately she married a nice young man and they have three kids. As for me, I found a woman who is as sensual as I am the we work each other's pussies almost nightly. I never dreamed I would become a lesbian after my husband died but it is the best life I could imagine.