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my dad used to molest me. they aren't fuzzy or blocked out memories. it's all really clear and easy to remember thanks to the repetition. until i was 7, and as far back as i can remember, my dad's favorite thing to do to me was cum in my mouth. he used one hand to pull my lower jaw down and keep my tongue out, and the other hand he put on my forehead and pushed back. then he slid his dick back and forth on my tongue until he shot into my mouth. and he made me swallow, at least until i started doing it on my own. occasionally he would put me on his lap and rub himself with me while he watched gay porn. he was always single, and i recently discovered i'm adopted. so i was never meant to his son, just his sextoy. and i wish it never stopped. i'll turn 21 next month. for my eighteenth birthday, i got a tramp stamp that says ' daddy's little princess '. this year, i'm going to get naked, get drunk, and let him find me face down on his bed with a pretty bow on my ass. i'll show him i can still be useful.