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I used to cruise rest stops to try to get my cock sucked. One night I pulled in and a rather fat guy was sitting at a picnic table. As I glanced at him he was rubbing his crotch. I walked over and we chatted a little bit. Then he said, "I can see the outline in your jeans. Wanna follow me home?" I said okay.

He lived out in the country in a trailer. It was nicely set up and as soon as he closed the door he turned to me. My eyes came up to about his chin and he outweighed me by about 150 pounds. He told me to strip him and as I pulled his pants and shorts down I was staring at a little cock. I looked a little lower and he had huge nuts. His cock had a nice hood on it. By the time I got my clothes off my cock was already getting hard. He laid on the carpet and spread his legs a little. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. It was easy to get the whole thing in as it was a lot smaller than mine. I tongued his hood over the head and it was tight. He was hard in less than two minutes and was about four inches long. I like a cock I can take all the way in. He told me to suck on his tits. He had big man boobs and large nipples.

I was sucking on a nipple and stroking his cock at the same time. Then he said he was gonna cum. I sat up and stroked him until he started shooting. I was up by his chin and the first shot hit me in the beard. I'd never seen anybody cum that hard. He had the biggest load of cum I could imagine but said he wasn't done yet. He had me lay down on my back and took my hard cock in his mouth. I can usually last a long time and he sucked me for about 20 minutes. Then he took his mouth off my cock and pushed my legs up toward my chest. I told him I didn't do anal but he already had his cock up to my asshole and shoved it in. It almost felt like nothing. I was surprised it didn't hurt so I let him proceed.

He began fucking me slowly then started picking up the tempo. His nuts were slapping my ass with each thrust. He reached down and grabbed my cock. He stroked me in rhythm with his thrusts and within a couple of minutes I felt myself start to cum. I didn't quite hit my chin but my chest got a good couple of shots. About that time he grunted and started to cum in my ass. I felt the warmth ooze out past his cock and down my ass crack. I'd never been fucked before but this was pretty good.

He finally pulled out and wiped the cum off of my ass so I wouldn't stain his carpet. He wiped his cock off and got on top of me in a 69 position. His nuts were resting on my mouth. They were fucking huge and I started to lick and gently suck on them. Then he shifted a little and his cock was back in my mouth. He also took my cock in his mouth and we were sucking each other. It took a long time but I came before him. Not a lot but it felt good to me. He kept sucking me until he was ready to cum. He didn't warn me but just let go in my mouth. I'd never swallowed cum before either but I was kinda stuck so I swallowed as fast as he was cumming. I think I managed to get it all. The hood of his cock was still stretched over the head when he finally pulled out. He re-adjusted his foreskin so it covered his cock and said that was the best fuck he'd had in a long time.

As I was leaving he offered me a place to stay if I wanted to be his roommate. He said I would get more cock than I could ever imagine. I said that it was tempting but I had to get back to my wife. She thinks I went out for cigarettes. We waved good-bye and I drove the hour to get back home. The wife was already asleep and was none the wiser. It has been my passion to suck as much cock as I can and have been doing it for the last 20 years. I'm a fucking cock whore and she still doesn't know.