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I've always been proud of my tits. I started developing at 13 and by the time I was 17 I was a nice 38D. Each of my boyfriend's loved my tits but always seemed a little intimidated by them and wouldn't really please me. I love having my nipples sucked and squeezed while being fucked but couldn't find a guy who was willing to abuse them a little. Fucking wimps.

Then I met Jim one night at the bar. He went by the name 'Moose' and drove a really nice Harley. He stared at my tits off and on over the two hours I was at the bar. Then he causally walked over and asked if I wanted a ride on his Harley. This excited me a bit so I accepted. He was tall, a little chunky and liked to drive fast. I had a blast and about 20 miles down the freeway he pulled into a vista viewing area. There was nobody around when we got off his bike. He made a quick text and we walked over to an area hidden from the road. After making out a little he undid my blouse and unclipped my bra. He was as direct as a man could be. "You got great fucking tits" he said and grabbed a nipple in each hand. He pulled and twisted a bit and when I didn't push him away or try to fight him he said, "I think I'm gonna fuck them titties today."

I had never fucked a man the first time we met but this was pretty exciting. He pushed me down and told me to suck his cock. I took his pants down and saw his huge cock staring at me. I took it in my mouth and he was soon hard. He was about 8 inches long and thick. I really wanted that cock in my pussy but he had other ideas. He told me to lay down on the grass and when I did he pulled his pants off and straddled my chest. "Fuck my cock with them titties" he said. I wrapped my tits around his cock and he started to thrust forward and back. Occasionally he pushed forward enough so his cock was in my mouth. I gladly sucked him until he pulled back out and resumed fucking my tits. After fucking my tits for about 10 minutes he grabbed my nipples and pulled them. When I told him "harder" he pulled my nipples up as far as he could.

He was a stud and held off cumming for a long time. Before he could cum I heard them. It was a group of motorcycles pull up by his Harley. I mentioned that we had company and he said, "I know. I summoned them." Within a minute we had a group around us urging him to cum. He finally started cumming. Some of it hit my lips but most of it ended up between my tits. I was glad I could satisfy him but was shocked when all the other riders stripped and waited their turn. At one point I had a cock between my tits, one in my mouth and one in my pussy. The guy in my pussy had cum and pulled out only to be replace by another. After the third one had fucked me Moose took his turn. He had the biggest cock of the entire gang and as he knelt between me his cock filled me up completely. It was his cock that made me cum. After I came he pulled his hard cock out of my pussy and in one motion shoved it into my asshole. This hurt like a bitch but I was kind of pinned down by the man on my chest.

Moose decided that his cock would do much better in my asshole so he continued to fuck me until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and came on my belly. After he was done and everybody there had cum on or in my we all got dressed. He offered to take me to Montana with them and on a whim I agreed. I quickly learned that women in this gang were nothing but property to the leader Moose. It was him that let the others fuck any of the women. I really got into the whole idea of being someone's property and didn't want any responsibility other than to suck or fuck any time they wanted.

For the next year I must have been fucked one way or another at least four times a day every day. What ever Moose said was the order of the day. Every hole and in every way I was fucked for a year by this gang. I really got into it until one day in Utah Moose decided that he was done with me. He said the boys had used me up and there was nothing left for him so he left me at a gas station and I watched the whole gang ride off without me.

"Well, what a fucking bitch this is" I thought to myself. But that was okay because as I talked to the gas station attendant he was looking for a roommate and I told him that if he paid my way I would suck or fuck him anytime he wanted. We've been together for about three years now and he still loves my tits as well as my mouth and pussy.