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I couldn't believe what was happening, I was in my bosses office on my knees cleaning the residual cum off of his big black cock. The residual cum that was left from him fucking and cumming in my ass just a few minutes earlier in the office bathroom. And to boot, two of my co-workers were sitting there watching me while they stroked their big black cocks.

I was really going to town on John's cock. I wanted to let the other guys know that I really knew how to handle a cock in hopes of getting to suck both of theirs.

As I continued deep throating him and letting him fuck my face. John said, "see, I told you guys that he could really take a cock." I wanted to see what the other two were doing and how big their cocks were. I pulled away and looked around at them, they both had their pants around their ankles and was stroking away at their cocks. Darren, a guy that I have worked with for several years had the biggest cock. I had admired the outline of his cock several times in the past and wondered how big it was. It looked to be around 10-11 inches and very thick. Carl's cock wasn't as impressive as the other two's but it was all of 7 inches. When they saw me looking back at them they both got up and shuffled their way over to us.

John told them to let me suck on their cocks too. I kept my right hand on John's dick, reached for Darren's with my left hand, and took Carl's hard cock right into my mouth. I took every inch of it without bobbing at all. He let out a sigh and said, "that's is a nice warm mouth, I have never had anyone take it all at once without working on it a while, you are a little cock whore aren't you?" I didn't say a word, I was to busy with the three cocks I had. I started to bob my head back and forth on Carl's cock while stroking the other two. I took Carl all the way into my throat and stopped, he grabbed my head and started fucking my face. This made him cum really fast and he unloaded in my throat. John and Darren started giving him a hard time, but I didn't mind, I was really wanting to get to Darren's big cock. It was the biggest cock I had ever held in my hand and was wondering if I would be able to get it into my throat and ass.

I let go of John's cock and cupped Carl's balls and finished sucking him nice and clean, which made him start to get hard again. I pulled away from him and turned towards Darren. I then licked the pre-cum off of Darren's slit. I licked up and down his massive shaft and sucked on his balls letting them plop out of my mouth. I licked my way back up his shaft and took the head into my mouth. He was moaning and grunting. John said, "can you take that big thing down your throat?" I answered by pushing forward taking over half of his cock in. His cock was so big around that it was stretching my throat as it went in. I started bobbing back and forth on his cock taking a little more in with each bob. Darren said, "damn, you do know how to make a cock feel good." While he was saying that I was able to get him all the way down my throat. I stopped and stayed there for a few seconds letting the big black monster stretch my throat open.

As I pulled back to take a breath I heard John moaning and twisted my head to see him. Carl was on his knees in front of John sucking him for all he was worth. I took Darren back into my mouth and looked up at him. He said, "don't worry you're not the only one that likes cock, we all do." "But you might be the best at taking a cock, we know your mouth can handle me, how about that ass?" I pulled off his cock and said, "I thought you would never ask."

I stood up, pulled my pants off while Darren took his off and went over to John's desk and bent over the desk while pushing my but up as high as I could. Carl took John's cock out of his mouth long enough to say, "you are the man if you can take that cock in your ass" and went back to work on John's cock.

Darren got behind me and to my surprise he got down on his knees and started eating my ass out. He was really good at it. His tongue was big and long too and he worked my ass like no one ever has. He started to finger my ass and said, "John, I can taste your cum in his ass, maybe it will help lube him up for my cock." John said, "I told you he took my cum in his ass."

He stood up behind me while fingering me with two fingers and asked if I was ready for his cock. I looked back at him and said, "I have never wanted anything more." With that, he put the black monster's head up to my man pussy and started to push it in. The head went in easily because of his awesome rim job. He continued to push in, I could feel the inside of my ass being stretched. He was telling me how tight my ass was and how good it felt as he finally bottomed out in me. I could feel his big black balls bumping up against my balls. I started rocking back and forth on my elbows fucking that big cock. It felt so good, I felt so full. I have to say that when I have Darren's big cock buried all the way in me it is always the best feeling in the world.

I fucked back at him for a while and he grabbed my hips and fucked me a while. I told him that I wanted to turn over so I could watch that magnificent piece of meat disappearing inside of me. He pulled out, and I have never felt so empty. I flipped over and he went right back inside me with one long stroke. It was heaven. I watched as his cock disappeared over and over again inside me. We fucked for at least 10 more minutes. I was so lost in his cock I hadn't even noticed that John was now fucking Carl. I laid back on the desk hanging my head over the side and told Carl to bring his cock over to me. He stuck his cock in my mouth and John returned to fucking him from behind. John's strokes made his cock go in and out of my mouth without me doing anything.

As Carl fucked my mouth, Darren was still fucking me good. He shifted my ass to a different angle and when he did, his big cock started hitting my g-spot. I had only came one time before while a guy was fucking me.

I knew if Darren kept fucking me the was he was, that I would cum without anyone touching my cock. It started hurting so good that I pulled away from Carl and sat up a little and was moaning and telling him to fuck me with that big black cock. In just a few more strokes cum started squirting from my cock. This in-turn made my ass muscle contract with every squirt which made Darren start cumming. I didn't think I could feel any fuller until his load started filling me up. John and Carl hearing all the moaning made them both start cumming, Carl shot his load on John's desk under me and John shot his load into Carl's ass.

Darren was playing with my balls and slowly stroking my cock as his massive cock went soft and slide out of my ass with a load of cum following. Darren leaned over and licked all the cum off of my stomach and sucked the rest from my cock.

John pulled out of Carl and came around and started sucking Darren's cock clean. I just laid there feeling fully satisfied but extremely empty at the same time.

I have sucked Darren about everyday since that day and have let him fuck me 4 times since that day. Every time I take his cum, either in my ass or in my mouth. I have sucked John off at least 5 times since that day and sucked Carl off at least 3 times. I always save my ass for Darren though. I have even fucked Carl and John but they haven't fucked me since then.