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They had me lie down on the bed on my back and she proceeded to suck my cock as he started eating her. When she had my cock hard she got up and sat on my face facing him. I licked her cunt for about five minutes and she said she wanted to lick my ass. I was good with this and she had me lay on my stomach with my legs spread. She started to lick from my balls to my asshole and tongue fucked my ass for a bit then she got up and laid up by my head so I could lick her pussy some more. My cock was still hard.

I was getting into tongue fucking her and hadn't noticed him crawling up on the bed until I felt him on top of me and shoving his cock in my ass. She had hold of my arms so I couldn't really fight it. It hurt at first but he stayed still until my ass muscles relaxed then slowly started to fuck me. I never even thought about being fucked by another man before but I found my cock twitch each time he thrust forward. He fucked me for about 10 minutes like this and she stuck two fingers in my mouth telling me to suck them. I did. After a couple of minutes she said, "Honey, I think he's ready." I thought, "Ready for what?" He pulled out of my ass and wiped his cock off She got up and he sat in front of me like she had done.

I was staring at his big cock. She was sitting on my back now facing my feet and he told me to suck him. I had never sucked a cock before but I was intrigued so I opened my mouth and he scooted forward to put his cock in. It was much better than I thought it would ever be. After a minute or so she started to play with my ass, balls and cock. Then she put two fingers in my asshole and began to finger fuck me as I sucked off her husband. "Fuck, honey, he sucks cock almost as good as you. And I'm about ready to cum." She said, "Go ahead, give it all to him." I was lost in my own world as he started cumming in my mouth. I didn't have any choice but to either swallow or choke so I started swallowing. He had a pretty big load and even after he was done cumming I sucked him clean. I was really into it.

"Okay, faggot, you earned the right to fuck me," she said. She got on all fours on the carpet and told me to take her from the back. I hadn't cum yet and my cock was rock hard still. I knelt behind her and plunged my cock into her very wet cunt. I felt great. Then I felt him behind me, his cock already hard again and he was forcing it into my asshole. We got into a rhythm and as I fucked her he was fucking me. This was fucking great. In about five minutes I said I was gonna cum and she pulled off of me and turned over. She grabbed my cock and guided my cum all over her tits and belly. Then she told me I had to clean it off with my tongue. I leaned over and started to lick my cum off of her as he continued to fuck me. Ten minutes later he was cumming inside me.

That started my foray into liking cock. What started out as me thinking I was gonna fuck a woman became me getting mouth and ass fucked. We've met several times and each time he fills me up at least twice and occasionally I even get to fuck her. Now I'm looking for any cock I can suck as I have become truly a cum slut.