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When I was 12 my older brother went into the Air Force so I was the only child in the house. My dad was a trucker so me and mom were at home by ourselves a lot. She used to wear nearly sheer nighties when she was getting ready for bed. I used to stare at her tits a lot and could see her nipples poking out. I didn't realize she knew I stared a lot.

I was just learning how to jerk off and producing just a little cum. One night after I had gone to bed I was in bed playing with myself. My little cock wasn't very big yet but I could get hard by stroking myself a little. I was laying there with my shorts off and had my eyes closed. I was on my back with my cock standing straight up and didn't notice my mom had opened the door and was standing there watching me. When I looked up it startled me. I quickly pulled my covers up and heard her chuckle. "Oh, honey don't worry about it. It's natural for you to explore." She went to bed that night without saying anything else.

When dad was gone she sometimes would drink beer and get a bit drunk. A few days after she caught me she was drinking pretty heavily and had on her most sheer nightie. I could clearly see her tits and nipples through the material and even glanced down and saw her pubic hair on her cunt. Needless to say I had to go to bed and jerk off. I was just getting into it when she walked in. I knew I was caught again but didn't cover up this time. She stood there staring at my dick and after a minute she stumbled over and knelt by my bed. "Here, honey, let me show you how." She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. It felt better than I could ever imagine. She must have been really drunk because a minute later she leaned over me and took me into her mouth. Within 30 seconds I had that funny feeling and knew I was about to cum. I was still in shock and wasn't able to say anything. I came in her mouth and she didn't even flinch. What little bit I produced slid right down her throat. I stayed hard as she continued to suck me.

About five minutes later I felt that feeling again and let out a moan. She took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me a few more times. I came a second time. I hardly produced anything but it was the most powerful orgasm I'd had yet. After my cum oozed out and over the head of my cock she wiped it off with a finger and stuck it in her mouth. Then she put her mouth back on my cock and sucked the rest of the cum out of me. Then she got up and stumbled into her bedroom.

The next morning she explained to me what she did the night before. She said it had to be our little secret and that nobody would understand our relationship, not even dad. I told her I wouldn't tell anybody. Then she said, "Would you like me to suck you again this morning?" I didn't hesitate and told her I would. She came over to my chair and pulled my PJs down. My little cock was already starting to get hard when she knelt down and took me into her mouth. She sucked me until I started cumming and swallowed every fucking drop.

That started it. Whenever dad was out of town she would blow me every night. Eventually as I got bigger and bolder I would play with her nipples and she even taught me how to eat her pussy. She said that if I learned what a woman liked then I would please my wife like nobody else could. All throughout high school I didn't have a girlfriend. I didn't need one as I had a sex toy at home. We eventually started fucking and she surprised me the day she pulled out her strap-on and fucked me in the ass with it. I got so I loved having it in my ass while she jerked me off.

I never did get a girl friend, but have learned that a real cock in my ass is much better than a strap-on and have been sucking and fucking other men for the last 25 years. All because my mom caught me jerking off one night.