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I was already married when I sucked another man's cock. I began cruising rest areas to find cocks to suck. I discovered that older fat men were very willing to take my cock all the way in their mouths and suck all the juice out of me when I would cum.

I pulled in to the rest area and a big fat guy was at a picnic table. I took my time walking up to the map area and stood there pretending to read the map. After a few minutes he walked over. He was about eight inches taller than me and had a big belly. He was rubbing his crotch as he walked over and stood beside me. After a few minutes of small talk he said, "So, you wanna follow me home and suck my cock?" It shocked me that he was this bold, but that was what I was here for so I told him yes and followed him to his trailer. As soon as we walked into the living room area he told me to take his shirt off. I did and he pulled my head in and told me to suck on his nipple. This started to get me hard. He had large man boobs and big nipples. He took my shirt off as I sucked on one nipple then the other.

He then led me to the center of the room and had me strip and he pulled his pants and shorts off as well. His cock was much bigger than mine. He laid me on the floor and knelt between my legs. He started sucking me until I was rock hard. Then he straddled my chest, pinning my arms to my sides with his big legs and put his cock up to my mouth. I took as much of it in as I could. He had a tight foreskin that barely moved over the head as he started to grow in my mouth. He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or in my ass. I told him I didn't swallow and I didn't do anal. He just laughed and continued to fuck my mouth. I was getting a little worried when he didn't get up but kept mouth fucking me as his big cock got bigger until his cock nearly filled up my mouth. His foreskin was pulled back now and I could barely get much more than the head in my mouth.

"Oh, fuck I'm gonna cum," he said. I tried to pull away but he reached down and pulled my head up and started cumming. I had no choice but to either swallow or choke. I swallowed. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked all the cum out of him. Instead of pulling out he kept his cock in my mouth until he got hard again. My arms were about numb now so when he finally got off of me and turned me over I could barely move them. "Now I'm gonna fuck you like a little cock whore." I told him again that I didn't do anal. He didn't say anything but pushed down on my back with one hand, holding me down. He put a wet finger up to my asshole and pushed in. I thought it would hurt but I tried to relax since I couldn't fight my way up. As he moved my legs apart with his knees he reached down and pulled my cock so it was facing my feet between my legs. Then he put two fingers in my asshole and started stretching me. "You'll be surprised how much of this hog cock you can take," he said as he finally pulled his fingers out and leaned forward. His cock was at my asshole opening and he forced it past my sphincter and before I knew it he was buried to the hilt. He was laying on top of me and I couldn't get up if my life depended on it. He started to slowly fuck me. It hurt at first but the pain quickly subsided as his slippery cock pistoned in and out. I begged him not to cum inside me. I was afraid of disease but he was ignoring my pleas.

He fucked me for at least 15 minutes, and without pulling out of me he worked me up on all fours. He had hold of my hips and began to fuck me harder and faster. I noticed my cock was still hard and twitched each time his cock touched my prostate. It was feeling good now, having his big cock in my ass and I started to push back each time he thrust. He didn't warn me when he started cumming. His nuts were huge and he must have been saving up for a while because even his second cum was quite a load and oozed out of my ass as he started to get soft.

He finally rolled off of me and we laid there for about 20 minutes. Finally he told me to jerk off and he would let me go. At this point I didn't know if I wanted to leave yet. But I really wanted to cum and if I had to masturbate to get relief then masturbate I would. When I had myself hard he knelt back between my legs and pushed my legs up toward my chest. His cock was hard again and it slid into my ass quite nicely now. He may have been a big fat guy but he was a stud with his cock and fucked me until I came all over my belly. He rubbed some of my cum into my skin and scooped some of it up. He put his fingers to my mouth and had me suck my cum off of him. Then he pulled out and got up and sat on the couch, his big hard cock standing at attention. He told me to finish him off. I really wanted to now so I crawled over to him and started sucking him. I played with his nuts as I sucked him and this time he didn't have a lot of cum left but just enough for me to get a good taste.

He said I could leave if I wanted, but instead I texted my wife and said I had too much to drink and I was going to sleep it off in my car. She didn't question it. I told him I would like to spend the night. We showered together before heading to bed. We kissed a lot and had our hands all over each other. I rimmed his ass and he fucked me three more times before I left at noon the next day. Two of those times I had him cum in my mouth instead of my ass.

That was the first time I was ever fucked in the ass or swallowed another man's cum but definitely not the last.