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Growing up I was enthralled by my mom's tits. She had large tits and big nipples. I saw them a few times over the years and wanted a woman like her. When I was 20 I was living on my own and working full time. The day I turned 21 I decided to go to a bar for a drink. I was at the bar on a stool drinking my third beer and starting to get pretty buzzed. A woman sat on the stool next to me. She looked like she was in her 50s, about the same age as my mom. I couldn't help but notice her big breasts. They reminded me of my mom and I kept sneaking peeks at them

She engaged me in some small talk then asked, "You keep looking at my tits. You wanna come home and play with them?" She was pretty bold and the beer had made me pretty bold. "What's in it for me?" I asked. "How about a great blowjob and a fuck?" I was still a virgin and figured this was as good a time as any so I said, "Let's do it." She had her hand on my thigh and could feel my cock through my jeans. It wasn't all that big but I really had no frame of reference on cock size. I was really getting turned on when she said, "Only one thing, though. My boyfriend wants to watch." She pointed to a table where a large muscled guy was sitting. I was a little hesitant but she said, "Don't worry, it'll be fun. Come on." I got off of the stool and followed her out the door. He was right behind us and I followed them to their house a couple of miles away,

As soon as the door closed behind us she led me into the bedroom and started to take off her blouse and bra. Her tits were identical to my mom's and she pulled me to her and told me to suck on her nipple. My cock was almost immediately starting to get hard. She proceeded to undress me and told me to lay on the bed. She crawled up onto me in a 69 position. She had taken her pants off as well and we were both stark naked. I had never had a cunt so close to me but my instincts took over and I started to tongue her inside and out. She had me hard as a fucking rock by now and I thought I might cum any minute. She stopped and squeezed the base of my cock. She slapped the head and my erection started to go down. While I waited for her to start sucking again she leaned over and started to play with my asshole with a slimy finger. I could taste her pussy juice and knew I had to have more,

She pushed a finger into my asshole, a little at a time until she had one finger all the way in. She worked it around a bit until I relaxed then pulled her finger out. She pulled my legs up and sat up. I felt someone else crawl on the bed and before I knew it I had a cock at my asshole. I couldn't get up with her on me and wasn't sure what was happening. I quickly found out as he rammed his cock in me. I yelped with the pain but as he slowly started to ass fuck me I was able to relax a little and the pain was replaced with pleasure. My cock started to get hard again and she hadn't even touched it. She turned around and scooted down a little. She leaned over me and put a tit up to my mouth. I sucked on it like a starving baby,

Then I felt his lips on my cock. He was very limber and could fuck me and suck me at the same time. What a fucking feeling. Within minutes he had me cumming and he took it all. He sucked every ounce of cum out of me then pulled his cock out. She scooted me sideways so my head was hanging off the edge of the bed and scooted down so my cock was right at her cunt. I was fairly soft but at my age I can cum two or three times a night so I knew it would get hard again soon. About that time he stood over my head and put his cock up to my lips. I wasn't sure what to do but figured he knew what to do as he pushed his cock past my slightly open lips and started to mouth fuck me,

I had never tasted cum before so when he exploded in my mouth I was shocked. I managed to swallow most of his load as he kept mouth fucking me until he was empty, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked around to the other side. I had never even thought about sucking a cock before but was pleasantly surprised how much it turned me on. My cock was getting hard by now and slipped easily into her cunt as she went up and down on me, squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles. Then I felt him raise my legs as much as he could and shove his cock back into my ass. She leaned down to kiss me as he started fucking me again. He lasted a really long time and she came a couple of times Again, without any warning I felt him tense up and shoot his load into me. As soon as he shot a couple of times ha pulled back out and came around me and stuck his cum soaked cock back in my mouth.

This time I really got into it and sucked him like I wasted to be sucked. It was a great experience, and when we were done she said I could play with her tits any time I wanted. It's been 20 years since that night and the woman I married had the same tits and I still play with them after all these years. Although she doesn't know it I still love to suck a nice cock now and then and really like getting fucked by the biggest cocks I can find.