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I've been married for 22 years. My husband is in banking and I do pharmacy sales and am gone quite a bit. One week I was away on a business trip and was at a motel with a bar attached. My husband was home with the kids. After dinner I went in and ordered a drink, then another and another. After I was pretty buzzed a man came over and asked me to dance. He was kinda cute so I said yes. I have never cheated on my husband and didn't intend to that night but figured one dance wouldn't hurt.

The second song was a slow country song and he assumed I wanted to continue so he pulled me close. He smelled great. Then he offered to buy me a drink. I accepted. We chatted a while and he asked me to dance again. I was quite drunk now so my defenses were down a bit. We were on the dance floor slow dancing and he leaned in and kissed my neck. My husband never does that anymore. Then he held my face and told me I was beautiful. I blushed and didn't resist when he kissed me and pushed his tongue in my mouth. He slowly worked us over by the bathrooms against the wall and we continued to kiss. There weren't very many people in the bar and nobody took notice. I didn't even fight it when he slipped his hand under my blouse and caressed my breast.

He said we needed some fresh air and asked me to show him my room. As soon as we got in my motel room he locked the door and kissed me again. He almost had to hold me up as I staggered to the bed and sat down. Then he said, "Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to strip you and give you a massage. From your feet on up. I'm going to spread your legs and give your pussy the best tonguing you've ever had. Then I'm going to tongue your asshole." I was a little surprised but didn't stop him. "Then I'm going to turn you over and suck on those gorgeous titties. By then my cock will be getting hard and you're going to suck me until I cum. You'll take every bit of it and keep sucking me until I'm hard again. Then I'm going to fuck you until you cum. After that you're going to turn over and get on all fours. I'm going to shove my cock so far up your ass you'll think you swallowed me and fuck your ass until I cum again. If you still want more then we'll discuss it afterwards."

Without waiting he unbuttoned my blouse and removed it and my bra. He had me lay down and he took my pants, panties and socks off. I was completely naked when he stripped. He laid me on my stomach and started on my feet. He sucked on my toes and my heels and moved up toward my ass. He parted my legs and pulled me up on all fours. His tongue found my pussy and he started licking up and down. My husband hasn't done that in years and has never licked my asshole. It was glorious as he tongue fucked my ass. Then he did what he said. He turned me over and started to suck on a nipple while playing with the other one. He sucked on my tits for about 15 minutes and moved me so my head was off the edge of the bed. He put his big cock up to my lips and I opened my mouth. He put his cock in and started to mouth fuck me. His cock was much bigger than Terry's and nearly filled my mouth. After about five minutes he reached down and held my head as he started cumming. I haven't swallowed cum in over 10 years but never forgot how and took it all. Instead of pulling out he kept his cock in my mouth and I sucked him until he was hard.

True to his word he positioned himself between my legs and started to fuck me. Slowly at first and then it turned into a hard, fast fuck. I was almost crying as I came two times before he pulled out. Then he turned me over and crawled on the bed. He pulled my hips back until I was on all fours. I felt his tongue back on my asshole getting me slick. Then he scooted up and in one push he shoved his whole cock into my ass. I felt his nuts hit me each time he thrust forward. I had my head in the pillow biting it as he thrust in and out of me. I thought it would hurt, but being a little drunk and a lot horny I didn't mind. I don't cuss but found myself saying, "Oh, fuck me harder. Make me cum!" He fucked me harder and with his fingers in my cunt he was double fucking me. I started to cum and collapsed. He fell on top of me without taking his cock back out of my ass and continued to fuck me until he came inside me. I felt his cum ooze out of my asshole as he finally pulled out.

I have to admit it was the best fuck I ever had. He got up and got dressed. He pulled his wallet out and dropped a $100 on the table. "Thanks honey," he said. "I'll be in town next month and I'd love to see you again.

I was shocked. This mother fucker thought I was a prostitute. It disgusted me for the next month until I had the opportunity to go back to that city for an extended convention. On the fourth night I was in the bar and he walked in. He took one look at me and waved me over to him. I was pretty drunk but knew what he wanted and as we walked to my room he said, "I hope you don't mind but I've invited my two buddies to join us this time.

That started it. I've been sucking and fucking for pay for the last seven years. My husband thinks I'm really good at my job. He's right, but he just doesn't know which job I'm really good at.