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I never married the mother of my daughter we was only 15 when she was born. I never liked kids before but once she was born I was in love with her. My ex wasn't into being a mom shortly after she gave birth my daughter stayed at my house my parents helping raise her. Never had any naughty thoughts while she was growing up not until one night. My daughter was now 9 yes old I had our own place while I dated I wasn't in a serious relationship. It was summer just the two of us it was pretty late at night my daughter was wearing a short The shirt and panties like always before bed. I wore boxers it was normal for us. She was laying with her head on the arm rest and kicked me. When I looked she had taken her panties off at some point and her legs wide open. She had a tiny 1" long and 1/2" wide strip of hair above her slit that was gapped open and very wet.her clot was hard erect and shiny. Not once in my mind did I think to scold her instead my clock was instantly hard. Your getting big look at that set fuzzy pussy I rubbed her clip and slit my finger sliding inside her half ways as she moaned. I moved her hand to my hard cock look how sexy you are sweetie. She giggled saying your really big as he hand stroked my cock and was feeling my balls. I shoved my finger all the way inside her I started finger ducking her telling her pussy was nice and big and deserved a big cock. She just moaned I started licking her clit while finger fucking her till she orgasmed. Her body was quivering them she jolted and rolled into a ball her eyes wide open. I got nervous how serious of an expression she had on her face, I'm sorry if I hurt you sweetheart. She giggled saying it didn't hurt it felt really good after that she wanted me to do it all the time. To say she was a nympho is an understatement when I would watch porn with her she wanted to act out all the things they did with me. We tried to have sec many times the first few months having a huge 8 3/4" long and 6 1/2" around cock made it very difficult. She wanted fuck like the porn we watched I started using a 7 1/2" long 5 1/4" around dido on her. After a few times she easily accommodated it and enjoyed it after a few weeks working her with that multiple times a day. I lubed my cock after pulling it out and finally shoved my cock inside her. She grunted and teared up in pain for awhile I just held her body tight keeping her perched on my cock with every inch inside her. The next month I fucked her day and night cumming as deep inside as I could shove my cock. By now she could take it from any positions possible her pussy was so gapped out permanently almost 2" wide. The lips and opening was so swollen I knew she was ever seen naked our secret would be revealed. That was 17 yrs ago she is now married and we still have sex he doesn't have any idea. But he has over 11" of cock and gives her an even better fuck like she deserves.