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My stepdad used to play with me when I was a kid from about 10-13. Id wake up at night with him standing over me. My shirt would be pulled up over my little tits and my panties pulled down or to the side. He would suck on my nipples and run his fingers up and down my wet slit. Then he would pull me on to his lap and grind against me, I could feel his massive hard cock through his sweat pants. He'd spread my legs and play with what I thought was wear I peed from but now know was my clit. It tickled so much and made me hot all over, causing me to squirm on his erection. He'd slide one finger gently in and out of my tight, wet little hole. Eventually he'd put me off him and leave the room, probably to go jack off. I started playing with myself all the time, hiding in the bathroom rubbing my clit to make it tickle like he did and sticking my fingers in me or anything I could find that would fit. I was so tight and small not much would. I'd sneak near their room and listen while they fucked and peak through the cracks in the door to catch a glimpse of his cock. Sometimes I'd sleep with no panties waiting patiently for him to come play with me and make it tickle real good. One time I woke up to his face in my pussy, giving me the best feeling I'd ever fucking had, making me shake so hard. He left immediately after and didn't pull me on his lap that night. He never took his dick out and I was always too nervous to make any move to further things. Shortly after my young aunt (19) moved in and he started fucking her. She stayed in my room and I'd lay awake watching and listening as they played with each other. They usually went to the bathroom to fuck but a couple times they fucked right there in the floor next to my bed. I'd toy with ny pussy so hard listening to her moan quietly, watching to see his glistening cock going in and out of her in the dark. Trying to feel like he made me with his mouth that one time. Not long after my mom came home from work and caught them fucking on the kitchen counter and she left him. I always fantasize about if I had been brave enough to do more and what he would have felt like inside me. I cum to the thought all the time. I'm grown now and wish I could fuck him so bad.