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In 1991, my 29 year old blonde wife had an affair with a man with a bigger, thicker cock. When my wife began coming home later and later every night with a strange "glow" about her, I became suspicious. She showed no interest in fucking me and wouldn't even give me a blowjob. I discovered another man's semen stains in her panties. My heart immediately sank and them my blood boiled. I decided right then and there to "get even" with her.

Although I had only an average sized dick, I thought I was doing "OK". Before marriage, my wife told me how she didn't suck cock and she didn't swallow. She was supposedly a nice Catholic girl who only fucked missionary style and her ass was "exit only." After we were married, I learned that her "ex" had a monster cock and my wife DID indeed swallow his cum.

Since my wife didn't want to fuck or suck my dick anymore, I decided to make sure that she and her 11 year old step daughter would be eating my semen as long as we were still married.

My wife couldn't function without her coffee with cream and sugar. I was going to make sure that it was my cream she was drinking in every cup. I ejaculated into her "Half & Half" every day for the next 26 years. I also came in her shampoo and face cream regularly. If she was going to fuck a monster cock behind my back, she was going to wear and eat my cum.

I also began to feed my semen to my stepdaughter. I figured "like mother, like daughter" so I may as well hasten her debauchery into a little slut. Since she like salad with italian dressing and yougert, my cum went into both of them for nearly 7 years until she moved out of the house. When the dressing bottle was nearly empty, I figured it must have been nearly 80% semen with italian spices. She never noticed anything and seemed to love the taste. Two years later when she lost her virginity, my wife and I put her on the pill. Being the horny stepdad, I regularly sniffed her used teen panties while jacking off into the salad dressing (and Half & Half). I also would note when she came home with semen drops in her panties.

4 years later we moved to another state and I continued the sperm treatments for my wife and stepdaughter. Although I never found semen in my wifes panties, it didn't mean she wasn't still fucking another guy with a monster dick and using a condom (or swallowing his thick semen.) I made sure that both sluts regularly consumed my cum.

At 16, my wife's stepdaughter got her tongue and both nipples pierced without our permission. What a horny little slut! Since she was a sound sleeper, I would go into her room and put my hard cock on her cute face or put my shaved balls next to her open mouth. I never fucked her, but I did finger her in her sleep. She would get so wet and buck against my fingers while I inserted them into her sopping pussy and rub her erect clit. What a little slut. She'd wake up and wonder whether girls had "wet" dreams. I found out years later that she was quite the party girl in high school - doing oral and anal! I was so jealous of her boyfriend banging all of her tight holes almost every night. The least I could do was to make sure my stepdaughter consumed her daily dose of daddy-cum.

When my wife's daughter moved away for college, I anonomously subscribed her to some porn magazines such as Penthouse and Variations. She mentioned she was getting the magazines but never cancelled them. The thought of my stepdaughter masterbating to the magazines I bought for her kept me hard and cumming in my wife's Half & Half.

A decade later when my wife's daughter got married, she married a man with a huge cock and they fucked like rabbits in every hole. Her husband should thank me for turning her into such a cumslut!

To this day, my wife is still eating and wearing my semen. :)