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My mother and I where never close. She never really wanted me as child. Naturally, our relationship was distend and we did not speak often.

Father died while i was deployed and so I missed his funeral. That pissed me off to no extend and I was mad at mother for not telling me sooner that dad was ill.

Years later, I was living out west' she decided to reach out to me. She was already in her 70's and I was pushing 50. Since she is afraid of flying she took Amtrack. She stayed in my house and we had a awkward few first days. I was surprised on how much she aged. I was thinking on how can I humiliate and punish her. Forced sex came to mind. One evening she showered up and I went into the bathroom, opening the door with a nail I keep on top of the frame.

She was startled when she seen me and tried to cover herself. I went right into the bath tube with my cloth on. Her eyes got big at that sudden development (I think she know what is coming, pun intended). I grabbed her wrist with one hand and started feeling her belly and pussy with the other while I took one of her nipples and started sucking on them. She squirmed, and yelled and tried to slap me but I was already hard and stared to take off my cloth with one hand and reaching for some hand creme to lubricate her. I told her to stop fighting it and take it and enjoy it or hurt.

She decided reluctantly to easy her resistance. I lifted her up and told her to wrap her legs around my hip so not to fall and break something. She got the drift and I rammed her onto my penis. Fucking my mother standing up while she turned her head away. Red-faced looking annoyed, bouncing on my hips until I shot the biggest load ever into her.

She was tight on account of being only lubricated with had creme and angry that this is happening to her.

She did stay a few more days and I forced her every day twice.

A few years passed since and she still calls me occasionally.

I got my revenge, was able to come into the vagina I came out of and mother knows now how I feel about her.