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I never realized growing up that many men look at a woman's lips and dream of having those lips on their cock. Only after I got married did I learn this truth. We had sex a few times before we were married but never really got kinky. On our wedding night he told me that I had lips for days. They were large and with a little lipstick I can make them look even bigger. I thought I was just getting a little prettier for my man. On our wedding night we got a motel a few towns over from home and after dinner we hopped in the shower together for the first time. He soaped up my entire body and when he put his fingers in my pussy I nearly melted. The surprise came when he said it was my turn and pushed me down to my knees. I never liked putting a man's penis in my mouth and was reluctant but wanted to please him. I opened my mouth to take his cock in my mouth. He didn't usually cuss but just kept saying, "Oh, fuck honey, you suck cock like a $200 whore." Then he held my head and said, "I was right. Your mouth is the best cunt I've ever fucked." He started to fuck my mouth and I tried to pull away. "Not so fast, bitch. I still need to cum." The more I struggled the harder he fucked my mouth. Before I knew it he started cumming. I hated it but he hard me in a vice-like grip and I had no choice but to swallow.

Other than this I loved him to death. We fucked a lot that first year and slowly I got used to him mouth-fucking me. I felt like I was being mouth raped for the first six months but eventually got used to it but never really liked the taste of his cum. I kept telling him I didn't enjoy it but he just kept saying that he did, so I would keep sucking his cock until I liked it. He must have decided that I needed more practice so one night when we were drinking a friend of his came over. We were both really drunk and messing around a little when Dave came in. Terry offered him a beer. I was seeing the room spin a little and hardly noticed Dave there. Terry undid my blouse and unclipped my bra (front clip). Then he did the unexpected. He produced a couple of nipple clamps and put them on my big nipples. It hurt a little but was exciting as well. Then he said to Dave, "You've always wanted to know how well these lips sucked cock." He unclipped his pants and pulled them down, exposing himself. He pushed my head down onto his cock. I dutifully opened my mouth, forgetting Dave was sitting there watching us. It wasn't long and Terry was cumming. I took it all. I had my eyes closed the whole time and when I opened them Dave was sitting next to Terry with his pants down and his cock about half hard. "Now I need you to suck Dave's cock," he said.

I started to get up but he wrapped my hair in his fist and guided me over to Dave's crotch. I tried to resist but was too drunk to do anything. I found my lips wrapped around Dave's cock and he was fucking my mouth. "Don't worry, she can take it all," Terry said. Dave's cock was quite a bit bigger than Terry's and he lasted a long time. Finally he started cumming. I didn't want to but had no choice but to swallow. Even after he shot his load he never got soft. Terry made me suck him until he came a second time. I was on his cock for a good hour before we were done. By the time he had cum the second time the nipple clamps didn't hurt a bit and when Terry reached down and put his fingers in my pussy I was already gushing. I didn't realize how much sucking Dave's cock turned me on.

That next Friday we were getting pretty drunk again when another friend, Marcus walked in. Marcus was a large black man with a big belly. We played out the same scenario with Terry making me suck his cock then holding me on Marcus' cock. Marcus had a huge cock with a large hood over the head. I had never even thought about having a black cock and was actually surprised when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. Terry put me back on his cock and I felt Marcus kneeling behind me pulling my pants down. He pulled them off and didn't even bother with any more foreplay but just shoved his giant cock in me. "Oh fuck," I said with Terry's cock in my mouth. Marcus hit places in my pussy Terry never reached. I came at least three times before he war ready to cum. Right before he started cumming he shoved a finger in my asshole. Another first. His finger was all the way in my ass and he started to finger fuck my ass when his cock spasmed and shot into me. I nearly blacked out and about the same time Terry came in my mouth again. I was in orgasm heaven. Without prompting I pulled off of Terry's cock and quickly turned around, pulling Marcus out of me. I bent down and put Marcus' cock back in my mouth and sucked him until he came again and then sucked him dry.

I soon determined that sucking another man's cock was about the most exciting thing I'd ever done. Within another three months I had either sucked or fucked all of Terry's friends. Then he decided that we could make some extra cash by charging other men to have me suck. I was a bit nervous at first but after a bit my big pouty lips were my ticket. I've been sucking strange men't cocks for cash for the last 11 years and we're about to retire in a few more months. I have become the biggest cum slut in the state and don't know if I can give it up even after we are done working. We're still young yet and I proposed we buy a boat and entertain strange men on the water. He thought that was a great idea and tomorrow we're going boat shopping.